Zancudo beach report/flyfisherman from England

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    On The Fly in Zancudo

    Gary and his teenage son Max hopped across the pond, fly rods in hand to have a “go at it”. If you read the last report you too know the bite has been red hot with Dorados 20-30 lbs ten per boat per day, Marlin, Sailfish and Roosters. Including the great fishing by Trey and Bill who during their five days of fantasy fishing caught among many other fish, over 30 Dorado, fought 6 Blue Marlin and landed and released one each.
    Well the pond Gary and Max crossed to get to the Lodge was the Big Pond as they made their way from England for a two week stay of nonstop fishing. And although Max’s mom and grandma probably knew they liked fishing, I don’t think either of them had any idea they had that same fever as yours truly and could fish from morning until sundown for two weeks straight and revel in the telling of it from diner time until pillow time. I caught up with Mom and Grandma as they anxiously awaited the boys’ return from their first day of offshore fishing. They too came on this Costa Rican vacation, I thought to just enjoy the beach and pool, but when I saw their eyes wide with anticipation, what at first seemed like patient waiting under the tiki hut at the dock, I realized they too were struck by the father and son fly fishing duo’s excitement. It had probably been the talk of the dinner table back home for many weeks leading up to this great trip.
    The boat pulled up to the dock, we tied it tight and Gary tells of his first Sailfish he caught on a fly, something he had only heard about before this day. They had eight Sailfish up, lost three and released one. That was their first day and Gary said he couldn’t believe it and that he wasn’t used to fly fishing like this. I told him he would get used to it and better at. He did, as:
    Over the next two weeks Gary and Max fished from boat, beach and dock, catching thirty different species. Max released his first Sail on the fly, caught his first Roosterfish and released a Snook he landed on the fly right off our own dock. They had countless releases on Dorado, a swing and a miss on a Blue Marlin and landed a big Jack Cravelle in the surf on the beach in front of the Lodge’s swimming pool. There is too much to list, but for sure Gary’s wife and mother, Max’s mom and grandma, now know of their men’s love for fishing. Whether they understand it like us diehards do , we’ll never know.
    Enjoy the photos
    Capt Sloan

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    Nice Gregg. They must have been some tired after two weeks of all day fishing. Hardcore.

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