Your Launch Ramp Disaster pictures

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by Keith Poe, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. Keith Poe

    I was at Queens gate long beach and saw a guy who stepped out of his truck, door open then I heard a loud POP.

    Emergency cable broke and the truck door slapped him down like a rag doll and the truck trailer and boat all still attached togeather went in, way in.

    I cam back in about 12 hours later and he had just got it all back in.

    Tow truck ripped the axle out on the truck because it was stuck over the concrete drop off.

    thought this might make some good chit to chat till i get the gear i am waiting on to make the next run.

    I remember as a kid going with my dad when the ramp was on the other side of the bridge to eat lunch when we were doing heavy demolition in the area to watch guys pull their rigs out at the slip & slide.

    In the picture notice the brown roof top of the truck and the trailer still attached to the boat all hooked together as the guy holds it to the dock.

    The older gentleman that was knocked down was OK and is in the picture watching the other boater push his boat trailer & truck away from his.

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    Was the truck as old as the boat? Looks like the brown on the roof could be rust, could be his cable was just as rusty.
  3. Keith Poe

    Wayne I belive the truck was tan color posibbly a Chevy S-10 ?

    But not as old as the boat lol

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  4. @-EZ

    That's a damn shame.. Glad the old guy is ok.. Could have been run over by the front tire..
  5. Keith Poe

    Max You made me think it's a bad idea to crank the wheel in case the brake gives on a standard but then again cranking the wheel could posibbly help from going all the way in.

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  6. fishstomp

  7. @-EZ

    On my standard, I always killed the motor and left the trans in 1st gear. If the brake failed, the 1st "granny" gear would not let the vehicle roll backwards.
  8. sealskinner

  9. Surfdoc

    Saw this today...Notice the trailer is still attached... Boat was gon when I got back, so guess they worked it out.


    Bottom line.... get a proper ball and matching hitch.. hogtieing dosn't work.


  10. Hooops

    Normally my son and I ride our bikes down to Sunset Aquatic Launch every weekend - Sat or Sun morning - I never bring a camera - but the memories and laughs will never leave me mind. 2 weeks ago - it was a standard - no-drain plug boat dump - took some time for anyone to realize... as they untied - they were getting lower in the waterline - the priceless moment was seeing a guy in the bow throw the anchor - but it wasn't an anchor - it was a cinderblock tied to floating line - priceless... my 4 year old said to me - "are those donkeys" - I cried laughing - I guess he's been on too many Catalina trips with me this year.

    Leaving in the am - there are no fish on the front - go to the back.
  11. Antares

    Saw this one a while back.

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  12. Keith Poe

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  13. Keith Poe

    Drew your killing me lol ROTF I can hear the body shop & mechanic now, Hey what did you do drive this in the ocean ?

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    holy crap, look at stan's boat photo and the one with the truck hanging over the cliff, look's like the same boat :eek:

    well, kinda
  16. Luhr'd Away

    Seen it happen at Davies. They pulled their boat on the trailer as the tow truck pulled it out of the water. Sad day for all.
  17. rubble

    MDR...... 2 WEEKS AGO............

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  18. Keith Poe

    Mike that must have been hard not laughing imagine the guys lifting.

    I have to admit i ONCE untied my hook before backing up on the ramp and it occurred to me it was not a good idea, glad she did not slide.

    I don't mean to poke fun at others expense(ok maybe) but you have to loo back and laugh as we all have had our close calls but some of this is super duper lol except the dude over the hill side, no way

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  19. Keith Poe

    Stan noticed the guy in the picture is staring right at you with the camera and you know he's thinking he's going viral poor dude.

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  20. Double Z

    I couldn't snap a pic out of pity for the guy with the new 23' Parker on Shelter Island ramp. I think it was in 2004 and the guy was on here. New boat, slick bottom, unhooked to early and (if I remember right) the driver tapped the brakes. Yep, slapped the deck just short of the water. Good thing it was low tide. Again, if I remember right, it floated as the tide rose and their was minimal gel damage and the Yamaha outboard was up.

    I still remember the new owner in the cabin of his boat looking at the electronics while his boat was laying over about 20-degrees.