you wanted pic's here they are

Discussion in 'Winged Hunting Reports' started by SNEEKEE, Aug 13, 2007.

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    Thank's Mike
  2. Quixotic

    Nice Elk shed Bro.

    So you shot a rampaging fur ball :frehya2: Just WTF is that?

    went fishing with my dad and he caught all the fish and on the way home I shot a porcypine

    I found all these shed with in 20.min from my house
  5. Az.monkey

    We waited all this time for a porcupine and some sun bleached shed :shake: :imdumb:
  6. Kurt

    There is a big Bull growing a new pair right now.

    That's probly a year old shed but Ive seen bigger bull's this year then that
  8. The Notorious S.U.A

    what are you like 85 lbs. soaking wet? eat some food boy.
  9. mjehlers

    Sneekee, send me some more pictures and I'll resize them for you.
  10. wils

    You shot a porcupine? I guess I shoudn't be surprised as your prowess as a great white hunter is well yourself. :gay:

    After I built my house in SunRiver, the porcupines used to come to my back sliding door and stick their noses on the glass. I had to keep my dogs in the house at night so they wouldn't "nose-up" to them.
    I think that their top-end speed is about 2MPH.

    Good "kill" with your shot-gun, bwana.

    YA MIKE Ill do that and I'm 120 dry

    pelt them and sell them for 120 buck's
  13. Az.monkey

    Everytime I pelt my girlfriend she charges me $ 150.00 and calls the cops
  14. rdrrm8e


    Ahm no cuntry boy.....but did you shoot the legs out from undur them cowz in the ferst pikchur?
  15. Az.monkey

    I don't even get a clean shaven discount :1041677399:
  16. Quixotic

    I think it was Minnesota that passed a law not to kill Pocupines. They are one of the few animals a man can run down and kill with a stick. In case people became stranded in remote areas they could suvive on porcupines. I imagine they taste like pine tree tar. The dozen or so I have come across smelled really bad. I just slap them with my cap to get a couple of quills.
    You killed it. Now you have to eat it.


    I couldint find a stick that's what my boss told me what I had to do next time I get the chans to kill a porcypine

    you kill it you eat it axsept vermin that my life long hunting rule
  19. Az.monkey

    I recently bagged a vermin and the doctor gave me a shot and some pills and now I'm all better
  20. Redneck75

    Don't sweat it keep right on shooting them porcupines! Some people may not know it but there's still a bounty on them in Western Oregon. Turns out those cute little buggers kill trees. Chop the nose off and take it by a fish and wildlife office and you get a couple of bucks apiece for them.