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  1. 2amguns

  2. johnowite

    Sorry, could you explain the significance of the 35 days?

    Was there a 30 day limit or something that transpired?...

    Interested, not trying to be a nut.

    It sucks that you got taken.
  3. MikeyLikesIt


    yeah, gotta check this out.

    of course, I would not trust that kind of money to any online transactions.....but it still concerns me that a "trusted" form of payment would stick it to you.
  4. 2amguns

    It has been 35 days sine I sold the collection and he charged back his money.

    He still has my shit and refuses to send it back....

    I WILL go to his home in WI and get my stuff back.

    I filed a Criminal complaint with the FBI Cyber crimes division....YES THIS IS A REAL CRIMINAL DIVISION and i am filing Felony charges against him with his Local sheriff's dept.

    Then I will also lien his house so his property will be tied up until he pays the $7,000 or gives me my product back.
  5. Baja Dreamer

    'Scuse me but I'm confused here.

    You sold him the collection for $3,700, right? Then it seems to me that he only owes you payment for the collection in the amount of $3,700, not $7,000. Understand, I'm not trying to diminish the screwing you got, and I wouldn't blame you for going postal on the asshat. But how is it that you figure he has to pay $7,000? And if you think that it's because he's up your collection plus his own money, wouldn't that be $7,400?
  6. gpaul1961

    What a pain in the balls. I always thought that Paypal was the only way to make sure this shit does not happen. I have heard of several of these deals as of late. I feel for you man. What a drag. If you need help hiding a severed sack of balls, pm me. I got a spot.
  7. Saluki

    How to Report Fraud in the State of Wisconsin

    To report fraud in the state of Wisconsin, start with the Attorney General, Better Business Bureau or contact the local municipal, state or Federal regulators most likely to have answers to your questions.

    Office of the Attorney General
    Attorney General: V.B. Van Hollen

    Wisconsin Department of Justice
    P.O. Box 7857
    Madison, WI 53707-7857
    Phone: 608-266-1221
    Fax: 608-267-2779

    DOJ Office of Consumer Protection
    800-998-0700 or 608-266-1852

    FBI internet crime:

    I don't see PayPal giving him his money (your money) back until the merchandise is returned to you or at least that's the way I remember the conflict resolution process...there has to be a case opened and sorted out by PayPal and both parties
  9. The Right Kind

    What was his explanation for the charge back and Paypal's explanation?
    You NEED to get your collection back!
  10. ConSeaMate

    The WHOLE story please................
  11. Saluki

    Shhhhhhhh Frank....... we're summoning a lynch mob here and your negativity is nonproductive.
  12. rza007

    Remember when a firm handshake sealed the deal?
  13. pauladams

    I had guys trying to buy my boat non seen in Mexico thru pay pal an none of them would even give me a phone call witch I asked for / they told me a agent would pick it up ???? RIGHT , told them to F OFF / even had 2 of them not remember they sent me an e-mail an wanted to scam me again Iam sorry for your lost but their are to many assholes in this world to trust with anything more than sorry steeling from others / craigs list is a hot bed for this shit !!!
  14. Wildman

    Good luck, Tom. 'hope you get every penny Plus Expenses back.

    Does the guy know what you do for a living?:2gunsfiring_v1:
  15. BiggestT

    If you use PayPal linked to a Bank Account, open a separate account just for this purpose and only keep the minimum in the account. Fund a purchase by transferring from another account into the dedicated PayPal account.

    I've already had my PayPal account hacked. As I was boarding a plane I was getting e-mails reporting transactions in the multi thousand dollar range for stuff I wasn't interested in. They all got reversed. I changed my password and PayPal gave me a PIN card.

    I hate PayPal as much as the next guy. Someone should pursue their ass for tying services which is illegal. One should be able to freely enter into transactions using a non-PayPal credit card or without linking a bank account. As it stands now, once you surpass $10,000 total volume, they force you to link a bank account or get their credit card. That is tying service in the true definition.
  16. Swarthy Dago

    Once in awhile I can still do that, just depends who with obviously. You can't get screwed by people unless you let them screw you. In other words, close the loopholes, but then this would usually kill the deal but you would still have your money or whatever.
  17. Sactotuna

    My mother always said "there's two sides to every dispute". The entire story would help.
    As for me, I won't sell to anyone who DOESN'T use paypal, unless they want to meet me face to face and hand me cash.
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  18. phantom1

  19. 2amguns

    If I lien him for the entire amount of the return and the product, he'll be more inclined to pay.

    Plus, If I went to court, I could get him for a BOATLOAD more than the sale. He is not playing nicely and it will bite him in the ass.
  20. 2amguns


    I will certainly use this to my advantage.