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    The 6<sup>th</sup> Annual Bloodydecks Yellowtail Shootout Tournament is now in the books! With 47 teams and 164 Anglers! We could not hold this event without the support of our many sponsors and all the volunteers who were there to help set-up for the event, stuff swag bags, work the weigh stations and the banquet, and clean-up after the event! A HUGE thank you to all ESPECIALLY Rob Sanford at San Diego Boats for allowing us to host this event at his shop and for all he did to help!

    We missed some of the regulars who have fished the past tournaments and we were eager to see the results that the first-time entrants would bring to the game. The results are below, but first, a recap of some of the weekend&#8217;s festivities:

    Sign-ups for the tournament were slow to come in. After a couple of years of tough fishing and a tough economy, the yellows were starting to show and teams began to sign-up. By the end of the Friday night&#8217;s Captain's Meeting, we had 47 teams and 167 anglers signed up! The winds were gusting out there that night as several teams left to get a head start driving to their secret spots.


    Thanks to all the sponsors, our volunteers had plenty of swag to stuff in the angler bags:

    View attachment 358939

    View attachment 358940

    First of the teams checking in

    View attachment 358941

    View attachment 358942

    View attachment 358943

    Off to get the camera from Korine the Camera Queen&#8230;

    View attachment 358944

    Off to the t-shirt station to get the official tournament t-shirt and other t-shirts/visor from our sponsors Costa, Salt Life and Grundens&#8230;

    View attachment 358945
    View attachment 358946

    Many stopped to get the FISH DOPE from Jason!

    View attachment 358947

    Ali looks like he&#8217;s giving some words of wisdom here to a very captive audience&#8230;

    View attachment 358963

    Leo and Tim with Tim&#8217;s son checking in - with Spyder in the background cheering them on!

    View attachment 358964

    Weezy and Avery &#8211; Co-tournament mascots and Doggie Divas&#8230;

    View attachment 358965

    Tommy, his daughter and Spyder showing how big the winning fish would be&#8230;

    View attachment 358966

    The final teams were checked in and we called it a night as Weezy looks towards the door wishing she were fishing&#8230;

    View attachment 358967


    Saturday morning, the tournament began; the Captain was to take a picture of their steering wheel as the first official picture on their camera at the start. Hopefully, this would be the first of many pictures of the day for the team with their yellows. The Dash for Cash was on, the first team to the Dana Landing Market with a legal yellow won a $1,500 gift card to shop at the Dana Landing Market! Winning Team: MAD LAMB! Awesome job!

    Meanwhile, back at San Diego Boats Show Room Floor, owner Rob Sanford had the place cleared out and once again allowed BD to host the banquet at his location. THANK YOU ROB! This is the before picture:


    While the room was being set-up for the banquet, it was time for the weigh station to open up. The Harbor Island weigh station called us that they had the first fish weighed in which was @ 17 lbs. I&#8217;m not sure who that team was but we had one on the board! Soon after, our first boat at Dana Landing showed with a very nice yellow to be weighed!



    Sluester brought his 7.5 week old puppy Nina along to spend the day with us. She might be cute and little, but don&#8217;t let that fool you! This puppy is a feisty lil thang and was having a field day going after the big dogs including a couple of nips at my calves! She&#8217;s a cutie tho and entertained us all.


    Most teams had a rough day out on the water as they traveled under some nasty conditions for several hours. Unfortunately, Team &#8220;I&#8217;m Off&#8221; bypassed the weigh station and loaded their boat without a yellow on board. It wasn&#8217;t for lack of trying!


    Next boat to show at Dana Landing was&#8230;



    Wow! We were thrilled to see such nice-sized fish coming in!

    And then the next one came in&#8230; this one with one of the few females on a team&#8230;



    And the next boat to weigh a fish, this lady caught the fish herself and had told me at the Captain&#8217;s Meeting that this was her first tournament! NICE JOB!




    And the next team! Another nice fish!!!!!



    Annie is back for the 6<sup>th</sup> year to help out! My first time ever meeting her was at the Captain&#8217;s Meeting at the first Yellowtail Tournament and she helps every year! Great lady!


    This team had 2 to weigh in! Where are they finding these awesome fish???



    And yet another beauty to weigh!


    Our Dash for Cash Team: Mad Lamb with their Dash for Cash Dana Landing Market $1,500 catch of the day!


    Ali and Korine wait for any remaining boats to show as the clock ticks down towards the 6:00 close&#8230;


    It&#8217;s 6:00 and the weigh stations close as we pack up and head home until the return for the morning set-up for the awards banquet. Thanks to a lot of volunteers, check out the room transformation:









    We had a Vendor Village with some of our Sponsors in attendance:

    Bill with Saltydawg Rods at his booth with the BD girls. Bill donated some beautifully wrapped rods as prizes and even made a custom Yellowtail Shootout rod for a lucky winner! Thank you BILL!



    5<sup>th</sup> Avenue Insurance returns once again as a tournament sponsor! New Councilman and BDer Scott Sherman (Sherm) and his wife Norma and grandson Nathan at their booth. Thanks for the swag and support of our tournaments Sherm!


    Hot Cans is a new sponsor to BD and supplied those awesome cans of hot cocoa, mocha and soups that are heat activated in a single-serving can! These are perfect for a cold morning fishing or hunting! Thank you for being one of our sponsors! We got lots of great compliments on your product!




    Make a Wish was there! Here&#8217;s Harry!


    Rotations was in the house! With all the dogs we had at our event this weekend, it seems like there are a lot of happy doggies eating the Rotations dog food! Even the finicky doggies love it! From what the guys at BD tell me, that is the top food they feed their dogs for a quality food at a reasonable price. Thank you Rotations!



    Aftco is here and displays some of their fantastic clothingline! Thank you for donating prizes and for your support of the tournament!


    Berkley returns as a sponsor for yet another one of our tournaments! Thank you for supporting BD!


    Scent Blazer Lures showcase their lures! Thank you for your support of BD and our tournament!




    Some of the plaques for the winning teams along with some beautiful fish mounts created by Rocky at Worldwide Fish Mounts!


    Yusef took the helm at the beer tap&#8230;


    Annie and Sluester man the BD booth&#8230;


    Ok, now we&#8217;re about to get to the GOOOOOD part! PHIL&#8217;S BBQ!!!! Wow! Due to the demands for a return for Phil&#8217;s BBQ, we knew this would be one of the highlights of the day and we were NOT disappointed! The crew from Phil&#8217;s arrived and setup the grills on-site and began cooking up the chickless and ribless on the grills. They brought cole slaw, BBQ beans, and my favorite &#8211; macaroni salad! There were brownies and cookies for dessert!

    The crew from Phil&#8217;s was fantastic! I have never seen such awesome customer service! They really outdid themselves by frequently checking in with me to make sure that everything was to our satisfaction. PERFECTION!Putting on events like this can be a bit stressful when you want to make sure all goes well. This crew shined! I didn&#8217;t hear a single complaint from anyone about the food. All RAVE reviews! Thank you Phil&#8217;s!!!


    Wayne and his son Jonathan manned the buffet line and collected the wristbands while Saltydawg started the line!





    Thanks to the t-shirts from Grundens &#8211; Eat Tuna, the shirts are fantastic and everyone LOVED them! But today, we let them eat Phil&#8217;s! Back to the tuna tomorrow Grundens!










    Not only were they eating BBQ, they were drinking beer! Yellowtail is in the house! Two thumbs up from Ali!


    Phil&#8217;s and Yellowtail? What else do you need?


    A kiss for his bride&#8230; of 10 years, just celebrating their 10<sup>th</sup>year anniversary!


    Quality family time together!


    On to the raffle prizes and the awards! We had some FANTASTIC raffle prizes thanks to the many donors! I will let others jump in to tell the many prizes they won in their raffle bag! Some of them included gift certificates from Aftco. Our Aftco models posing with their sign:



    Other donations and sponsorships came from Salt Life, Catalina Offshore Products, Bay Park Fish Co., Fish Works, Fish Dope, 5<sup>th </sup>Avenue Insurance, Montauk Tackle Co., Accurate, San Diego Boats, Pacific Coast Sportsfishing, Worldwide Fish Mounts, Boldwater, AVET, Navionics, Fish Trap,Melton, Mustad, Everingham Brothers, Top Gun, Squidco, Simrad, Scale Master, Nim Custom Rods, Harbor Island West Fuel Dock, Acid Rod, West Marine, UniGoop, Lowrance. There were Sunglasses from our headline sponsor &#8211; Costa! Rods custom-wrapped by Saltydawg, There were donations from Berkley, Knives from Bubba Blades, and Hot cans were included in many of the raffle bags, Seaguar donated prizes too! There were so many great prizes&#8230; here are just a couple pics of the prize winners:




    And now the awards:

    The Dash for Cash winners Mad Lamb also won the $500jackpot!


    In fifth place:


    In fourth place:


    In third place:


    In second place:


    In FIRST place! Team Outlaw!



    And the big 3 day trip raffle prize &#8211; don&#8217;t know the details of the trip so someone jump in and help me here, goes to:


    Leo looks on&#8230; it was not his year this time but he&#8217;s had so many other good years! I&#8217;m sure he&#8217;s not one to give up and will be waiting to sign-up again next year! I&#8217;ll go ask the magic 8 ball for you Leo seeing as your talking yellowtail fish Ali didn&#8217;t give the most accurate advice. Next time try Fish Dope! No banana crème pie talk next year for these guys!



    Our fabulous announcer &#8211; Todd Brown!


    Link to all the pictures:

    Check out the videos of the winning teams!
    FONT=Calibri]The 5<sup>th</sup> Place Winning Team is&#8230; [/FONTThe 5<sup>th</sup> Place fish weighed 30.7 lbs! Team: El Dorado!

    The 4<sup>th</sup> Place Winning Team is&#8230;
    The 4<sup>th</sup> Place fish weighed 30.8 lbs! Team: HookedUp!

    The 3rd Place Winning Team is&#8230; presented by: Fish Dope!
    The 3rd Place fish weighed 31.0 lbs! Team: Ashlea Dawn

    The 2nd Place Winning Team is&#8230; presented by: Berkley!
    The 2nd Place fish weighed 37.5 lbs! Team: On the Iron! Won both the $100 and $300 Jackpots!

    The 1st Place Winning Team is&#8230; presented by Costa!
    The 1<sup>st</sup> Place fish weighed 39.2 lbs! Team: Outlaw

    And the clean-up crew begins breaking down!

    Thank you Yusef for your awesome beer-tending skills!


    Sherm&#8217;s grandson Nathan realizes he didn&#8217;t need a V-8 with all the yummy fantastic Hot Can drinks available in his grandpa&#8217;s swag bag!

    IMG_0838.JPG [/FONT]

    Ali trying to get the secret numbers from the guy who caught the first place fish!


    It&#8217;s been a long weekend and a fun one at that! I know I must have missed a lot of details so please feel free to add to my report! If not, let the pictures tell the story!

    Team #19 &#8211; Outlaw [/FONT]
    [FONT=border=]39.2 pounds
    Prize - $2,500 cash. 3 pairs of Costa Del Mar sunglasses, $150 in gift certsfrom Catalina Offshore, 1 Salty Dawg Custom 2012 YTSO rod, 1 Meltons CastingRod, 3 Montauk shirts, 3 pairs of FishWorks shorts, shirts and hats, 3 BubbaBlades, $50 gift cert for Fishermans Processing and a 1 year subscription toFishDope.[/FONT]

    2nd Place
    Team #44 &#8211; On the Iron
    37.5 pounds
    Prize - $1,250 cash. 3 Penn rods, 3 spools of 40lb big game line, 1 Bubbablade, Everingham Bros. bait gift cert, 2 Pacific Lures Jigs and a 1 yearsubscription to FishDope.

    Team On the Iron was also in the $100 dollar and $300 dollar jackpots and takeshome an additional $5,580 dollars

    3rd Place
    Team #11 &#8211; Ashlea Dawn
    31 pounds
    Prize - $500 cash. Avet MX 2 speed, $50 gift cert to Fishermans Processing and1 year subscription to FishDope.

    4th Place
    Team #29 &#8211; Hooked Up
    30.8 pounds
    Prize - $375 cash. Avet SX, 1 Penn Rod and a 1 year subscription to FishDope.

    5th Place
    Team # 27 &#8211; Team El Dorado
    30.4 pounds
    Prize - $250 dollars. Avet SX, $60 dollars in gift certs from Bay Park FishCompany and a 1 year subscription to FishDope.

    $500 Jackpot
    Team #32 Team Mad Lamb turned their 12th place fish overall into the $500 jackpot winner and will collect $2,700 dollars.

    Dash For Cash
    Team Mad Lamb brought the first fish to the Dana Landing Fuel Dock at 12:32pm to collect the Dash for Card $1500 Dana Landing gift cards.

    We packed the place up - thanks again to all the volunteers! You are awesome!

    I&#8217;d love to see your posts in this thread for those who fished tournament! I know many did not come back with a yellow and were faced with some wicked winds and waves at the onset. You gave it a good try and should be proud! Thank you to Bloodydecks/BD Outdoors and for hosting such a fun annual event, thank you to all who entered the tournament, and thank you once again to all the sponsors and Rob Sanford at San Diego Boats / Defiance Boats who without your support, this would not have been possible!

    Who's ready for next year?
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    Amazing write up Maggie. I don't want to know how long that took. Thank you very much!

    Big thanks to all the anglers that fished this year in some pretty tough conditions, the sponsors and especially to Rob @ SD Boats and Steve @ Dana Landing. You guys let us take over your location and we really appreciate it.

    Hope to see everyone back next year.
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    Atta girl Maggie. Great report.
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    Fantastic report, Mags. Thank you for taking the time to fill us in on the event.

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    I felt as if I were actually there. Good stuff.
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    NICE!! Looks like a blast…. One of these years I'll have the weekend off (always lands on my days on) and will be able to play…
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    WOW awsome report and CONGRATS To all the winners.! LOL
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    Thanks for the info Maggie. Sorry I had to miss it this year as I know it was awesome like every other year. BD puts on a great event every year.
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    Thanks for that report Maggie!!!

    It was like I was there;)
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    Great write up Maggie! As always BD puts on such a great event! Light hearted, fun just and enjoyable event! THANKS FOR EVERYONE WHO STOPED BY!
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    Sorry we missed out this year Ali, we had a charter. Next year we are fishing for sure.
    Good going on another kickass event!!
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    Where are the fishing stories? What did you guys like about the event? What feedback would you recommend for next year? How did you like Phil's?