yellowtail off a pier??????????????

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  1. joser85

    Last week Thursday me and some buddies were fishing off the redondo beach pier. The Bonito has been coming in so perfect time to have some fun with light tackle. Any ways there this guy next to us catching mackeral like crazy! when out of no were his rod just gets bent HARD.

    sense he was fishing for mackeral with sasbiki hooks we think SEAL. so we pay no attention to him. After a few minutes of him fighting what we thought was the seal. We start to double think of what can be at the end of the line????? maybe black sea bass. Finally after about 20min we see color. NO FUCken way it that what I think it is.
    YELLOWTAIL. And not just any yellowtail I big fucken yellow tail. this guy had like 20lb test, but what made him actully land the fish was that the sabiki got wrapped around the fish causing the yellow to hardly but up a fight.
    One of my buddies runs over and grabs his pier gaff. right when he drops it guess who shows up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A fishermen worst enemy MR SEAL. &
    not just a regular seal this boy had to be about 1000lbs. he took 3 bites
    at the fish and on the last one he popped the line :cussing:. After a few seconds we seal come back up and leave. automaticly we think he ate the whole fucken fish. But for some reason this guy starts draging the bottom with a trouble hook after about an hour or so we see his snaged on the bottom. he starts to reel in slowly and what comes up..........The yellowtail we help him get it on the pier and holly shit it even bigger that what it looked like.
    the fish measured 54" long and est at 40lbs.
    what a fucken day.

    for some reason i cant post picutes but i will keep trying

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  2. joser85

    check out the bits
  3. chiefen

    holy shit!!!!!!! thats one hell of a pier catch!!!!!
  4. Reel hip

    Wow! that's a story and a half. Who would have thought someone would drag the bottom for an hour. Glad his persistence paid off. That's a big yellow!
  5. YellowTail310

    Holy crap! It's great to see that there is still life on our coast. I used to fish there all the time for bonitas. Are the bonitas still running in the harbor right now and how big are they? Thinking about going out there with a rapala and 4lb test. Thanks for the report.

    god dam first time a here about this man luck ass guy !!!!!but there is still alot of meat on there the seal took the belly only!!!!!!!!!
  7. Toad Patrol

    That's the kind of fishing we had here 100 years ago. Yellows, WSB, huge halibut, even albacore followed the bait in. Before sport boats, the piers commonly caught all those fish.
    Rods and reels were introduce around the turn of the century and until then they caught mountains of fish with hand lines and nets. Fishing today is but a faint shadow.
    (But they're still just as tasty!)
  8. pjbigdog


    thats rad
  10. eddier68

    Nice!!! My cousin caught a rat yellow off the IB pier back when it was a T ( 80's) Chucked a kroc at a kelp paddy that was floating by. People on the pier had a shit attack when he threw it back!
  11. Trayscool

    wow catching it was awesome but damn dragging the bottom is nuts....props to him
  12. joser85

    yeah but there are some 6 - 9 lb coming in too. I dont think 4lb will hold too good. theres not much of those but lots of the 1-3lb.
  13. Swarthy Dago

    the hell you say ! fun story, thanks
  14. wwc1980

    Back in the late 70's early 80's I used to fish of the rocks next to the pier for Bonito when the warm water outflow created a clear but turbulent water. One day, around 4pm a couple of guys come by. One had what looked like a jigmaster on a conventional. He cast out a thawed out squid on a leadhead. Almost immediately, he hooked up and landed a yellowtail. I's never caught a yellowtail back then so to me it looked enormous, but in reality it was probably 12-15lbs. I've never forget that day.
  15. Shootin&Reelin

    sick home guard!.....dam seal......Hooked a nice one three years back of crystal pier.......thing broke off in the pier...
  16. crazy hawaiian

    I've caught a couple yellowtail off the north Mission Bay jetty once, but my best catch off a jetty was while fishing the south Mission Bay jetty early in the morning while my son was being born 48 years ago.

    I had taken my wife to Balboa Naval Hospital where she went through hours of labor and still no birth of my first son. At around 4am, after waiting 6 hours, her doctor came out and told me to go home and get some rest. He said the baby was breached and they would be performing surgery at 8am.

    I started to drive home but knew that it would just be a sleepless night so I decided to drive to the Mission Bay jetty to kill some time.

    I always keep a rod and reel outfit in my car along with a few jigs. My favorite jig was a white bucktail leadhead.

    I remember having to walk the jetty carefully since it was almost still completely dark, making it a dangerous trip.

    There was a nice flat rock almost at the end of the jetty that made a perfect place to toss jigs, and hopefully land some fish. I mainly caught halibut from that rock, now gone due to the some a few years ago that destroyed the end of the jetty, actually quite a few halibut from that rock.

    After a few cast I hooked into something big, and watched the line peel off my reel, but slowly I began to regain line on what I thougth was a big halibut.

    As I managed to pull the fish closer I finally saw a silver flash before it made another long run. I was confused on what I had hooked, but it was not a yellowtail.

    After about 10 minutes later the mystery was solved, a 20# white sea bass laid at my feet.

    The fun did not end there. When I decided it was time to head back to the hospital I was struggling along the jetty with a fishing rod and tackle box in my hand, along with draggin three 20# white sea bass along the rocks!

    BTW: when I arrived back at the hospital I found that my son was born at around 6am, taken by cacerian (sic) about the same time I was out fighting those white sea bass on the jetty. I guess I should have named him White as a middle name.

    He laughs everytime he repeats this story to new friends.
  17. SeaHawk IV

    Pure luck X2. Good thing you had a pic of the YT or I would have called it BS.
  18. So Local Tackle

    I remember the 80's and 90's the tails would come through king harbor and get everyone hype and noone ever hooked one but damn we tried. Ofcourse the next day though yould hear about he guy that did hook one.
  19. Wandering Blues

    That's crazy! Someone should have gaffed that seal a couple of times.
  20. Blackfish

    that was a great story. should send it to PCS. "True stories and True Tails".

    That seal probably got that bait rig stuck in his face. LOL and dropped the YT.
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