Yellowtail in Ensenada 3-14-09

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by theBajabum, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. theBajabum Advertiser

    Better early than late!!!!!!
    Ensenada 8 Pack Charter

    No Limitz II
    Captain Charro and 3 passengers pulled in 10 Yellowtail and 7 Bonitos all 15 - 30 lbs. Not bad for March.

    Sergio's reports are not cept up to date so far but they are catching Yellow on a regular basis.

    We at are working on doing a lot better this scoming season with video ,pics and REPORTS.

    P.S. Ensenada is as safe for tourists as it's ever been.
    I cross the border twice a week and spend 3 days a week in Ensenada and never been near any of the stuff you are hearing on the radio. (8 years)
    It's far from a war-zone and actually too quiet IMHO.
  2. duanediego

    nice.... looking forward to those coming on up the line
  3. BajaBass

    Heard you on the radio Saturday. I was fishing out of La Salina. Chase a few pinche jurels a little north for us!!!
  4. talltale

    Niiiiiice! Those are huge burritos.
  5. Bajabil3

    Ensenada is Safe.
    The murders & beheadings are occuring along the Border not here. Now is a good time to consider a trip to Ensenada. DON"T DRIVE AT NIGHT!
    A trip with Sergio is really a great way to go for a day or two of fishing.
    The big thing that I like about fishing with Sergios is that I can bring coolers on the trip. So whenever I go fishing with him I bring fruit,beer, sodas and food. The deck hands are very good and accomidating. I always tip them 50 pesos up front and they take special care of me. They clean and bag my catch for tips only; (Bring lots of ice) and some fruit ie: apples, banannas for them and you will recieve great service.
    Sergio says the yellows, big bonita and barricuda are beginning to show, so come on down and enjoy!
    I buy his 10 coupon ticket book and fish for 1/2 price, always have a good time with him.
  6. reloadyour9

    How far out are they fishing?
  7. yellowklr

    are the fish at the Island??

  8. theBajabum Advertiser

    They are catching them 10 miles out at the todo Santos Islands.
    Charro only caught one Yellowtail today about the same size and a bunch of bonitos.

    I talk to most of these guys every day, and starting next month things should do even better.

    Ensenada is really mellow right now and with the peso at 15,,,,,shit........restaurants, stores, bars, etc are about 30% less. I go down every friday with no more than $50 dollars and then pull pesos out the the ATM. that is where you will get the best rate of exchange.

    Took my girlfriend out for a steak dinner and total before tip was 300 pesos. do the math...............
  9. reloadyour9

    Thanks for the info. I was down the week before last and went out for a great dinner with drinks at La Fonda, and it was CHEAP! Be sure you carry peso;s however, if you pay in American you get a BAD exchange. Total meal for 4 of us and a night of fun was 55 US (paid in peso's). I I had payed American it would have been 75 US.
  10. tecateando

    Man, that's nice to see. Too bad I didn't get any last weekend, but I did see some boats bunched up in one spot. Guess I got to investigate.
  11. Deno

    Nice, looking forward to them reports, thanks...
  12. Dos Locos

    Aren't you the guy that screwed over Harry on a trip and left him hanging?
  13. Bajabil3

  14. richpride

    Hey Jay is your boat Selena still available for charter I fished it a couple of years ago and had a great time. At that time Chino was the deck hand and the captain put us on fish( I forget the capt. name )
  15. Rivoe_999

    What were you guys using as bait?