yellowtail dropper loop rig

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by bilsborough, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. There's a bunch of threads on this but none seem to really tell the story. No more asking a deckie to tie up my dropper rigs anymore...time to do it myself. I got the dropper loop and spider hitch nailed down but am not clear what to use when/where. We're talking 80# for Lupe here. I see it as two questions 1) for the hook 2) for the weight. If I did it on my own without some much-needed wisdom, I'd probably tie a dropper for the hook-cutting half the loop off and use the remaining 1/2 for the hook, then use some sort of other knot to tie the weight at the end of the line. Can someone simplify this for me?
  2. Swarthy Dago

    can't get much simpler than that , you dun it
  3. Rubberhook2

    For dropper loop fishing on the heavy gear at places like Guadalupe or Alijos I use the spiders hitch to a double uni knot to attach the hook. I prefer not to cut the "loop" the spiders hitch forms but rather I thread the "loop", or both strands of mono, through the eye of the hook. I prefer the double uni knot but the double san diego works just as well. Try to cinch the knot down so that both strands are of the same length so the tension is equally distributed between them. The hook should be 12 to 18 inched out from the main line. I typically use a large forged hook like a Mustad 9/0 7691.

    As far as attaching the sinker use the tag end opposite the loop and tie a really shitty knot. Your hook should ride about 4 feet above the sinker. If the sinker gets hung on the bottom with 80 pound gear that is one knot that you want to have break at the sinker.

    BTW, I would refrain from using the dropper loop knot itself as the spiders hitch or surgeons loop are far superior in terms of knot breaking strength once tied.

    Hope that helps...
  4. That's what I was looking for Tim. Thanks. Counting days (and driving the family nuts) until the Turners trip on the AA in about a month.
  5. FishCommander

    whats wrong with a palomar knot?