yellows in San Quintin

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by CaptOscar, Jul 3, 2011.

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  1. CaptOscar

    hey guys just to let you know there has been some yellows in San Quintin
    I went out on Garcias pangas with some of his clients as a captain I got to fish and not be at the tackle shop, not that its bad to be there but it's so good to fish hahaha. There was several other boats out including my dad Kelly Catian some of us fished the island an some others fished the high spots, it was nice to show up and see lots of birds crashing yellows on the bait. Just minutes after that have bent rods by yellows, We just hope it stays this way and gets better after lasts years slow season.

    one more thing my good friend Gordo Garcia from Garcias pangas caught
    a broom tail grooper at the island, that was rare for San Quintin.

    Below are some pictures
    • yellows in San Quintin-IMG00279-20110703-0917.jpg
    • yellows in San Quintin-IMG00281-20110703-0937.jpg
    • yellows in San Quintin-IMG00282-20110703-0938.jpg
    • yellows in San Quintin-IMG00283-20110703-1032.jpg
    • yellows in San Quintin-IMG00285-20110703-1351.jpg
    • yellows in San Quintin-IMG00286-20110703-1400.jpg
    • yellows in San Quintin-IMG00287-20110703-1508.jpg
    • yellows in San Quintin-IMG00288-20110703-1512.jpg
  2. fishshirts

    Good job Oscar!
  3. saravonshep

    Nice looking fish their, what a smorges board of excellent tasting fish. Thanks for the report.
  4. tunasurfer

    hey great job guys,,,, wow exotics up north... gota love those sothern storms pushing up some cool fish,,,,,,,,,,, how did the don eddie ,oldmill tourney go???? oldman
  5. Ali Admin

    Nice work Oscar. Looks like I left a little early. We'll get them next month.
  6. duanediego

    good stuff oscar... way to go bud!

    we'll see ya in a few weeks... coming down with the usual crew to fish with your dad and drink beers in his front yard lol
  7. el capo

    Nice report Oscar!
  8. BajaMarita

    OSCAR......VERY NICE!!!
  9. captainkelly

    "Thats my Boy!"
  10. CaptOscar

    hope to see you guys soon, always ready to go fishing and drink
    some beers duane se you soon,

    you ll get them next time ali

    Buen trabajo Oscar.......................
  12. svue

  13. Captain Juan SQ

  14. Surfdoc

    Just drove into town, Met Kelly haulin ass by on his bike! Man the ocean is a fuckin LAKE !!!! And heard the Tails are still on the chew!

    Now if these fucking Mosquitos would leave me alone!!!!!!!!!! Who knew there were so many damn blood suckers!

    And yea Ali..........Kelly told me ya left a day early LOL
  15. LagunaFreeDvr

    Mmmmm Broomtail...:2gunsfiring_v1:

    Solid work Oscar!

    So what ever happened to that sea gull :rofl:
  17. duanediego

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  18. captainkelly

    You mean the Ceezgull........IT LIVES and is PISSED!!!!

    Heres a pic of Capt. Oscar "workin hard for his dime"
    • yellows in San Quintin-nov7, sarah trip 003.jpg
  19. CaptOscar

    the seegull its still doing sircles oround the house jajaja.

    hey guanchis ke como sta todo por la bocana?
  20. denis

    hey oscar, what are the hours your store is open? if we get there like 6 nad miss you can i set up getting the licence with your dad and pay him in the morning?