Yellows 7/21

Discussion in 'Southern California Offshore Fishing Reports' started by Swazi, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. Swazi

    Good grade of Yellowtail out there yesterday.

  2. Sluester

    NICE Tim!
    Heard there were some nicer grade ones being caught.

    What side of your pants was your dick on when you hooked up? Left or Right?
  3. JBait

    Nice fish, seems they are still around because we got a 29 pounder last week off a paddy.
  4. roxfisher

    Very nice Swazi!
  5. Saluki

    The ocean looks rough.

    And since your only 160 lbs, that fish is not that big. :D
  6. wils

    Beautiful fish, Tim.
  7. Surfdoc

    Who photochopped Byeyes fish in there for ya ???

  8. Jaydog

    Nice YT.
  9. UnReel

    Nice yellow Tim. Great pic too.
  10. wildcat

    Can I get the numbers for that pad???

    Nice slug Tim!!!! Too bad it took you an hour and a half to get it in LOL
  11. SALTYDAWG Advertiser

    Way to go Tim, Nice yellar
  12. GettinUglysSon

    NICE fish tim. looks like glass out there. gotta love that when looking for paddies.
  13. nalani

    if you were out on saturday south of the 302, there were albies breakin all around your boat while you kept trolling back and forth through all the boats that were stopped and hooked up.
  14. Kammel Driver

    dude, I tried to call you all day. I had a good bite on abies going at one time but it dried up quick. Great forkie. I had a newbie with me and he got his biggest albie. Probably pushed 30. Sorry we couldn't hookup, I saw you in the parking lot but it looked like you were snoooooozzzzzing.catch you next time.

    Gerry on the Kammel Driver
  15. F15hK1ll3r

    Nice yellerrr
  16. Squid Vicious

    ...............nice catch
  17. wildcat

    And what does this have to do with his YT??? Post a report dude...
  18. Captain Curt

    Now that's a Yeller to be proud of Tim. Congrats.


    The boat Hanna..........
  19. Saluki

    Ya Tim, don't you know how to fish....... or what?
  20. AlbieBack

    holy crap!!!! is that a garage door floating in the background. great catch, got one myself but even closer to our home.. c yah