Yellowfin Tuna Handline Fishing

Discussion in 'San Diego Long Range Fishing' started by, Oct 14, 2011.

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  2. titigasss

    Amazing epic that was the bizness right there
  3. Carl

    I call BS....

    Everybody knows that fish only bite fluoro topshots to ringed Gucci hooks nowadays.....
  4. spike

    Nice video Larry, WFO!

    The hand line can work!!

  5. Steve K

    Get the Gaff? We don't need no stinking gaffs!

    Spike, you're an animal!
  6. tossmeatuna

    Now, that looks like fun!
  7. nick17yz

    thats insane spike.. pics to prove it.
  8. waterman482

  9. backlashjack

    awesome Spike! great pic's
  10. heatmiser

    Hot damn! That is a toad on the hand line Spike! Nice work!
  11. 7N7

  12. GuyRat

  13. Philligan

    I love a good tuna bite.

    I have a few handlines made up and ready to fish if anybody wants one.

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  15. J-HOOK

    I'm selling all my gear. Getting a coke can and some parachute cord. Maybe get a 7 up can as a back-up.
  16. johndtuttle


    I've said it many times: Handline fisherman world-wide have and will catch more tuna (and fish of all types) than rod and reel guys ever will. If they could read they would LTFAO at our posts and petty real house-wives of BD bitch fights :).

    If anybody is interested in a handline for their next long range trip, we will have some for sale at the Fred Hall show in Del Mar this weekend.

    We will be in the last building right in the center isle just down from the Bloody Decks booth.
  18. Second Row

    Ken gets into the action too.. Luv it.
  19. bob1825

    if i ever see something like that im gonna grab a handful of sardines, put a knife between my teeth and yell "aaarrrrrrrrrr" as i jump overboard to get me some! (ok not really but I like the idea)
  20. riverrunner1984

    That was Amazing. I need to get on a trip like that.