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Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by juliomeza, Jan 6, 2010.

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  1. juliomeza

    Fishing today was good, we fish the inshore fishing spots out of San Quintin, the yellow tails still there in good numbers, there are just a few school of fish on the 20 pounds range, the rest are just between 12 and 15 pounds, the better grade fish still biting the SHIMANO butterfly jigs, we had lots of strikes near the bottom today when the last few weeks they were bitting at mid water, the weather is nice, a little cold early but turn warm by noon, tomorrow will be back earlier, today Conrrado Gonzalez and Aristeo Canelo were using the Torsas 20 on Trevalas F to beat the forkies

    Julio Meza

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  2. gearho

  3. Gil Marlin

    Sanos Jureles...
  4. curt lj.

    i will expect xact GPS #s on the location of those fish when i get there. Thank you.
  5. TonyC

    Wow, need to get a few more butterfly jigs. Thanks for the guys are killing me.

    I need to stop checking what's up....having a hard time working. Hopin the weather gods,and fish gods do me right when I get there next weekend.
  6. duanediego

    nice haul julio!
  7. Sherm

    Nice grade of forkies right there.
  8. tunasurfer

    Hey julio
    tried butterflys on intrepid no good ,,,, i just cant get that wiggle you got, see ya soon got head cold from long trip. Still looking for that shimano light rod.....
  9. coble

    Its more like a dance. Saw that contender out there. Fun fishing, but you can buy 4/0 tadys A-1s You name it to get tails. WE ended up with 10 same grade on different spots. Thats for those of you that would rather spend $6 or $7 opposed to $16? per not counting "The-Set-up". To each your own, good fishing peace out.
  10. Kill'em

    Nice grade of forkies you got there :cool:
  11. juliomeza

    Alex, we need to fish again and you will be doing the rigth butterfly dance, i have been catching more and better fish with this tackle than the guys using the usual jigs, the tackle is more expensive but i love to come back to the dock with fish on the cooler than with a few dollars left in my wallet, did you saw the Sardineras post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. coble

    Sorry, Im just a poor waiter. Didnt mean to step on anyones dance. Just a note though, we came back with plenty of fish and a few extra dallors in our pocket. Is there a barry behind all this? If so what up barry, see you in a couple months. peace out.
  13. PhotoPhix

    Hope you dont mind

  14. tunasurfer

    chato just called 3 limits by noon of yellows will be comming back with him next week see you then .... its your jiggle jiggle not the jigs Patron
  15. Captain Juan SQ

    That reelreel nice,thanks.
  16. juliomeza

    you are fantastic with photos, nice job, if you dont mind i will print this, thanks
  17. curt lj.

    Julio, hide the women and children the gringos are coming!!!!! I'll pick up boat friday night call ya when we get there. chato