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Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by sharkhunter.72, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. sharkhunter.72

    I am buying a boat with twin 225 yamaha's on it. Is there a certified shop/mechanic around Marina del rey that you can recommend? They are 2005 have been maintained well. But I may want to get a service done on them before I put them in the water. I would prefer if someone could come to the boat its a 30'er and I may already have it in its slip.
    Any suggestions would be nice.
    Thank you
  2. SauerFish Charters Advertiser

    Dont know where around that area...but make sure you get them scoped for the known corrosion issue that plagues some of these OB's. If you dont know about this issue do a internet search.

    jeff.....(805) 385 2307 (805) 758 0186.....you wont be disapointed....
  4. sharkhunter.72

    Thank you very much

  6. nordic flyer

    I have heared it was the 02 and 03 that had that issue. (We were looking for one) Solid motors change the oil and gas filters regularly and you could get 4000 hrs i have read.
  7. aguachico

    Eric is right about the corrosion. Found mostly in warm water engines. Yamaha is now sending the repair kit. Still gotta pay the labor. The kits used to cost $2500-$3000 now are around $600.
  8. SauerFish Charters Advertiser

    From the research I did on THT the 2005 F225 had the most issues...I have one and got it scoped and it had a little but nothing like the horror pictures on THT
  9. polfishski

    4000 hours that is alot of time. I need to start puting some cash away for one of them. Good luck with your purchase.
  10. sharkhunter.72

    Thanks all
    Did they solve the problem after 2005?