Yamaha Fuel Management System

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by Pescador Paul, May 24, 2010.

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  1. Pescador Paul

    The fuel management system on my Yamaha F225 outboard is currently not working. No matter what speed I am going, the fuel consumption reads 0.0 gph, and the totalizer is stuck at 68 gallons. I have used at least 20 gallons since this figure has moved. Note that the guage still displays numbers.

    Is this indicative of a stuck/clogged sensor? Or is it likely a wiring problem? Any sugestions will be greatly appreciated.



    sounds like bad sensor on fuel line
  3. Pescador Paul

    I took out the sensor and blew some air through it. I could see some crud blow out of the unit. I hooked it back up and it's working.

    Pescador Paul

    that crud is fuel lines or water in fuel
  5. Pescador Paul

    I cureently have a fuel/water seperating filter upstream from the sensor. Could the crud be caused by ethanol? What can/should I do about it?


    was it yellow or green?

    yellow is water

    green is bacteria
  7. Pescador Paul

    I really did not get a good look at the crud, as it flew out into the wind, but it looked whitish. I was thinking it was teflon tape, either the regular or liquid kind.


    use pipe sealer not Teflon tape in gasoline usage
  9. Steel Leader

    my buddy in hs worked for team rough rider (ford offroad racing) rob mc cacrens's (spelling?) truck, he lost a race if I remember correctly from sombody using teflon tape on a fuel line, big no no.
  10. Pescador Paul

    I did not install the unit initially. I looked more like a dry powder. Perhaps something along the lines of a sealer, rather than tape.

    ok, it should be red sealer on it, just use pipe dope

    no need to get crazy cuz it is a pipe thread