WTB 28-35 Sportfishing Boat

Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Classifieds' started by mperry, Aug 8, 2012.

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  1. mperry

    Looking for a quality 28-35 Sportfishing boat, rigged and ready to go- no projects please! Force, Bertram, Blackfin, Grady-White, Topaz, newer models preferred.

    Plan to keep at Ko Olina.

    Cash buyer.


    (619) 247-3637
    email: Lureville@cox.net
  2. BucketMan

    Check out the thread Tiara 3300 listed eight threads below yours. Appears to be a good deal at 53K & it's already in Ko Olina.
  3. mperry

    Thanks Ken - saw that one already. Looking for something a little newer. Besides, I've never been a big fan of the volvo's - prefer yanmars or cummins.

    Appreciate the help though!

  4. mperry

    Search continues: 28-35 foot quality sportfisher - no projects please. Plan to keep at Ko Olina.

    Thanks, Mike