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Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by bdmudd, Aug 9, 2010.

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  1. bdmudd

    Planning on taking by boat down to SQ; I've fished there several times before and know the routione vis-a-vis the channel, etc. I would like to fish the WSB but am clueless on spots, and bait. I know some fishermen have caught then on plasstics or on made bait; I was thinking on taking squid and fishing the kelp aroung San Martin island like we do at Catalina. Any help from an experienced fisherman would be much appreciated.
  2. captainkelly

    better yet...make squid at the island, theres been lots on the n/e side outside the breakwall at hasslers cove 60-80ft The fish? best bet for Martin is right where the squid are. Socorro and south are cleaned up pretty good so theres fish down there as well. good luck
  3. denis

    waters cleaning up? like to hear that!
  4. LagunaFreeDvr

    Just follow one of those silly looking Parkers. :D
  5. jsl

    Bring large Krockodiles( 2.5 oz ) or larger in any color, pin a mackerel on em and troll em real slow around working birds at the mouth of the bay to Soccorro. You'll love San Quintin.

  6. Grand Slam

    Brian: Hire a local Captain, he'll navigate the bay safely and quadruple your fish count............. good luck. cheers!
  7. TonyC

    what grand slam said...learn a whole lot in one day. they (capts.) share infor. over the radio., and can get you on the fish quick. bread crump (gps) the route on the way out (in), and your good to go if you want to fish solo after. as for me i like getting spoiled, having someone do the driving...:hali_olutta:.

    $50-$100 bucks...big names get the big bucks.
  8. biggbass

    Brian - I know a guy :eyepoppin Who wants to ride along . He is pretty efficient at being a deckhand ,but
    he can be a real @ss at times.If you keep him fed he can be a good guy to have along.The only problem is his Spanish stinks.
  9. ndnangler

    Capt. Juan
  10. Ali Admin

    That's all you need!

    Kelly, you are a class act compa.
  11. BajaMarita

    I agree, follow them................ for some reason the guys in the Parkers seem to know where the fish are at!!!