Wounded Warriors Trip Volunteer list Aug 14-15

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by BuonaForTuna, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. BuonaForTuna

    Ok guys I want to thank the guys we have so far for volunteering their time and boats to help us out in this cause. It is part two of these trips Karl and myself are putting together after this we have 2 more to go. This one will be on fish face radio as well as the next. I need to know who is going to take passengers and how many. its very important that I get these numbers as they need to go to the radio station soon. Our goal here boys is to try and get atleast 25 boats out there that day..

    1.Ed riverplayer (3)
    2.Ray Labyfreak (2)
    3.Jeremy AED
    5.Jim Shinerunner (2-3)
    6.Scott Gil Marlin
    7.Randy Zombie (4)
    8.Rick Chupacabra MB
    9.Jesse BuonaForTuna (3)
    10. John Johnnylite (2)
    11.Bryan "its a keeper"
    12.Mike Blackfish(2)
    13.Tom Bizzy (2)
    14.Mike (cmlandscaping) (2)
    15.Tony (sandiegofisherm)2
    16.Gary (GMoyer) 3
    17.Doug (Reelhip) (2)
    18.Scott (toy) 2
    19.Rob (rtmorandi) 2
    20.Andy(Ajon) 4
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  2. riverplayer

    We can take 3-4 for a day.....It gets a bit cramped on the boat with more. We will provide all the food, drinks, tackle and whatever they need to fish for the day.
  3. johnnylite

    I see the when but where. I can do two easy.
    Me, son and two others.
  4. ezsmith

    jesse I was woundering if there is any thing I can do for this I dont have a boat but I have mad graphic design skills and will help any way I can
  5. shinerunner

    2 or 3 warriors on board mine is fine.
  6. GRUNT0369

    Location right now is Dana Landing Mission bay
  7. apcrew45

    Hey Buona im also here for the helping... no boat but I have gear can rig up clean up...and I make bomb sandwiches let me know.
  8. BuonaForTuna

    Thanks guys. And thanks Mods for highlighting this up for me. So far so good we are halfway to our mark as far as boats are concerned the more the merrier. I will try and arrange a few give aways and stuff like that in the next few days here so that we can make it a bit more interesting. And as Jeff mentioned we will be meeting up friday night for a tailgate style barbque so we can all meet and greet at Dana Landing in Mission Bay.
  9. Trayscool

    Hey Jesse I will be coming back from vacation around that time and will try and make it depending on my workload I can only take 2 on my boat BUT I will be more than happy to be someones boat ho with a bigger boat to get these guys fishing.
  10. Trayscool

    you can ride with me LOL
  11. BuonaForTuna

    Im sure someone might have room. If you can take your boat let me know that would help out a ton more. Some guys have been extremely generous and the ho's are paying for permits and the captains for gas ect. So its all about showing support to these guys and having a great time on the water. The way i look at is shit you might just go out that day anyways why not have a karma point that day and get some one out there that deserves it.
  12. Trayscool

    OK well if you can use a boat that only takes 2 people than count me in if I can get the time off. ill let you know closer to the date.

    where are we launching? details? Ill need help finding fish for these guys cuz I suck!
  13. Zombie

    I can take 4 on mine. You also forgot "It's A Keeper" (Bryan). Not sure how many he wants to take out but I know he's in. Randy.
  14. BuonaForTuna

    Dana Landing Mission Bay SD. Next to sea world. Ill put you on the list just in case with no people on board to keep it open.
  15. BuonaForTuna

    Awesome got you guys down thanks Randy and Bryan.
  16. nmbrinkman

    If you don't mind Jesse I can help out with deckhand duties and I can bring some eye candy aswell...
  17. Free Spool

    Jesse, Karl, put me down for $200 and I will be helping Randy (Zombie) out with the deckhand duties.
  18. BuonaForTuna

    Sounds good will do Pat thanks..
  19. BuonaForTuna

    12 more to get our 25 boats in there, remember we can use all the help we can get 25 is the minimum we would like to have.. Alot of responses keep them coming thanks again guys!
  20. firekel

    In the next couple of days I should have a solid for sure answer. I can take four on my sled......I will get back with ya, if you don't hear from in a couple days hit me back, been real busy lately.....