Wooldridge aluminum boats

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by gabe0308, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. gabe0308

    Looking at purchasing a 20 ft Wooldridge aluminum boats. Has a bracket and a Honda 130. I am not to familiar with aluminum boats. Just looking for peoples thoughts? Good, Bad, and things to look for.

  2. North River

    They've been making boats for almost 100 years. They must be doing something right.

    I'm heading down to Wooldridge in the morning to look at a pilot house model.
  3. Salmon Addict

    Well they don't ride as nice as fiberglass and sometimes you might need a kidney belt when really rough. On the other hand they are lighter and pretty durable you would burn a lot less fuel than your sea sport. That bracket will make it seem like a 22 footer. That 130 honda would cruise at 30 knots easy. Take it for a test ride you might fall in love with it.
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  4. Clockwork

    the layouts are top notch but i did a repair on one and found they were not using marine grade aluminum, had 6061 stamped right on it. this was a very old (late 70s i thought) one so i hope they have fixed that. the transom was eaten through.
  5. gabe0308

    Wont be getting rid of the Seasport since it is paid for. Just be adding one more boat to the shop. If all goes as planned the old man will be closing on a house in Tahsis in the next week. Looking for an aluminum boat to keep up there for the summer. Will still be using the Seaport to go to Rivers Inlet and other longer trips.
  6. Fog Ducker!

    I've got a '97 Alaskan, solid as a rock!

  7. e2_sla

    I have a 20' Deepwater Plus, great boat. We are going to have them redo the hardtop, and windshield to a Pilot house style next winter, since I am tall, and I would like a solid side set up and not canvas, but they warranty their work, i have taken it it on my yearly inspection when I found a crack in a weld, they took me that minute I arrived, towed into shop, ground and redid the weld, and also added gussets to the offshore bracket since they had gone to a new design, all for free. They have also replaced some other small items that went south at no cost to me. I was going to replace with a pilot house model, but may just instead upgrade motor to new honda, and then do the mods to the windshield, roof and sides instead.

    Love the boat, yes can be a hard ride, but i just take her off a half notch when seas are bad, and not try to be superman at the helm. Guess thats the coast guard in the family in me. Better safe than sorry. shoot me a PM if you want to talk more about it.
  8. Boatride

    What are you going to be using the boat for river, lakes or out in the bay wooldridge boats are great boats they you just have to know what you want to do with it they don't ride all that nice in the bay for a 20' boat fiberglass would ride alot better
  9. gabe0308

    I am looking at a 20 ft sport offshore with a bracket. Will be used in the San Juans and the west side of vancouver island. Looking for a light boat.
  10. Salmon Addict

    So are you looking at the wooldridge out in front at Tom and Jerry's by the twin bridges Gabe? I'm working in Anacortes I keep driving by every morning it looks like a nice boat.

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