Winthrop roller guides

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by Owen, Jan 2, 2012.

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  1. Owen

    I'm wondering if anyone can offer first hand information on Winthrop roller guides?
    I have a bunch of game rods to do in the coming year for myself and a few mates.
    I've got a thing for nicely engineered products, so I'm always attracted to anything that's machined from billet.

    Is there any down side (apart from price) to these guides?
    Any cracking issues on machining lines?
    Any maintenance issues?
    Corrosion issues?

    I doubt we'll do a full spread of these due to the cost, but one "special" rod in the set just for the wank factor :drool:
  2. strizile

    Talk to Pete aka relemin

    He has used winthop to the ying yang. I have used them a couple times and have not ever heard of problems but Pete is to my knowledge very competent on the matter
  3. Rodcrafter

    The only downsize I know of is the price. Everything I've heard is positive so long as they are not used for casting rods. Rollers just don't cast very easily.
  4. jeffzou

    I used them on a rod. Have another set in waiting but haven't strapped them onto anything yet.

    The guides themeselves are really beautiful - and LIGHT! As stated they are ultra expensive so I treaded very gingerly with grinding and any other "manipulaton" of the feet. That said, they seemed to hold up to the work I did do to them.

    Put an Accurate ATD 12 on it. I love the rod and reel, among the favorites I have ever made. The Accurate and Winthrop seem tailor made for each other as well built, highly machined pieces of equipment.

    Winthrops - the only thing stopping me from using them again is two things:

    1. Cost - a LOT

    2. Roller Guide Usefullness -= the more rods I built and the more I fished the more convinced I became that roller guides simply were NOT necessary. Now if I were fishing monster, drag pulling, hauling ass pelagic species I might have a different opionion.

    Bottomline - I'm glad I got a set of Winthrops cause I too always wanted to see what they were like.

    My .02



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  5. Zombie

    I've used them on a bunch of rods and if you can afford it I say go for it. Only had one issue with one of them. The foot completely cracked right at the base of the frame. I contacted Fred (owner of Winthrop) and he immediately sent me a new one. I had sent him pics prior and he said he had never seen that happen before. That's the only issue I've ever had and he (Fred) resolved the issue very quickly. He didn't want it back but I sent it anyways as I thought he could at least salvage the rollers.
  6. flatliner

  7. JTrelikes

    ...........I've seen it happen to one also Randy. Came to me as a repair awhile back from the Landing. :(
  8. Owen

    Was the crack at the end of the foot where it joins the guide?
    I noticed a machined edge there with no radius in one picture
  9. Capt Richie

    Yes check out the express there the best of the best..
  10. Zombie

    Here ya go Owen, take a look for yourself. This is the only one I have ever seen do this so I really think it's just a fluke. Never had one issue with any of the others and Fred handled it very quickly.

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