Winter blues no more

Discussion in 'Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming reports' started by BigUglyDeafGuy, Jun 4, 2011.

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  1. BigUglyDeafGuy

    The rain stopped for a bit, the floods cleared up enough to open the roads until the snowpack melts (that's going to be bad), and my honey pot is still my honey pot.

    The bite was a bit slower than usual and the lake now has suckers in it, but they don't eat trout crack so I'm still happy. A couple of the resident seagulls were eating a sucker that a boater trolling cowbells w/a worm tossed.

    Arrived at ~8:00am, I limited out at ~10:30, my wife was out at 11:00. A little over 17 lbs of trout total.

    My wife calls trips like this "cannery runs". I'm running 20# braid, trebles snelled on 10# braid in gin clear water. They don't know anything about "line shy". They dearly love Power Bait stinky dough.

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  2. MeCrankMate

    Good God you just gave me goose bumps!!! Those are some nice fish man... congrats!!!
  3. medunn16

    I just love it out there!