Windy day on SD Bay 3/19

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by fishstick-er, Mar 19, 2006.

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  1. fishstick-er

    Launched late at Glorietta (8:30am) and headed south to the amphib flats. Youngest son Rick has been buggin' to float his inflatable kayak. The drift was kind of crossed up because of a pretty strong onshore wind. Didnt bother us too much as we were bit on the first slide.


    Ate the gulp jerk shad on my "drop shot" rig. I use the fishtrap as the weight about a foot below the wide gap hooked shad. After a while the wind got too strong to fish the flat so we moved between the ferry landing and bouy 22. This area was pretty hot. Our first drift was a double hookup.

    Kept up the "easterly" drift until we saw some bird action so we pulled out the metal. Metered alot of fish in the channel and shortly I was talking my 14 yr old through backing down the boat on the beast that was ready to spool me. Took better than 10 minutes for this guy to tire out.

    Even with weather more appropriate for an Americas Cup practice:


    Seemed like a better day to be out west than on San Vicente practicing for TOC.
  2. bradmaralbacore

    man what a bonito. niiice day it seems. were you using a spinning outfit on the bonito...what pound test?:appl:
  3. fishstick-er

    Yeah a little quantum E2 spinning reel with spider wire. Some Dumb ass crossed the stern of the boat about 5 minutes later, spooled it and took my megabait spoon with em. Fuckers gonna get theirs when that shit takes out their shaft seal.
  4. quietman

    Thanks for the post, and cool boney!

    I love a happy ending :appl:
  5. Sluester

    Thanks for the report! looks llike you guys had a blast!
  6. Foul Habits

    alright nice to see a catch. i went in north county and notha.nice catch
  7. WAR

    good good good, bonito are moving in!
  8. Fishburger

    Very cool! The kid must have had a blast!
  9. Kurt

    Them boners have been in there pretty thick all along. Wierd as they aren't outside real thick.
  10. Silver Bullet I

    Great report. Looks like ya had some fun!