Winchester Model 94ae .44 mag

Discussion in 'Firearms and Hunting Classifieds & Deals' started by AinokeaJustFish, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. AinokeaJustFish

    Hey folks selling my Win. Model 94ae in .44 mag. I rarely shoot this cause I'm to busy shooting my long rifles.

    price $450...Dammit just realized the stock has a nasty crack in it. WTH! I looked up the price of a new stock and it will run about $69-89 so I'll take $100 off the original price. New price $350

    I'm located in Lawndale and can do the transfer at Turners in Redondo Beach.
    Buyer pays transfer fees

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  2. Swarthy Dago

    nice saddlegun, does it have a steel buttplate ?
  3. AinokeaJustFish

    Swarthy Dago no the butt plate is a winchester plate but its hard plastic.