Winchester Model 70 .300 Win Mag (Lefty)

Discussion in 'Firearms and Hunting Classifieds & Deals' started by Papa "J", Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Papa "J"

    Just one of the things selling cause I am not using it.

    This is a Lefty.

    The rifle is in perfect condition. I have only put 25 rounds through it to sight it in at 100yds.

    Stock and barrel are in perfect condition. A brand new Leupold VX-II 3-9x40 was put on it. Even have cleaning rods for it.

    $875 for the package. Transfer through FFL in San Diego, you pay fees.

    Would be willing to trade toward higher end auto loader shotgun or hand gun, or AR.
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  2. Kurt

    Damnit I love this gun.
  3. @-EZ

    Damn South paws... :2gunsfiring_v1:

  4. Papa "J"

    You should love it at your house.....

    I shoot long guns and bows lefty everything else is righty. left eye dominate I guess.
  5. Papa "J"

    Come on Kurt I heard it moaning your name from the safe...LOL
  6. Kurt

    :D Maybe I'll come over just to touch it :D
  7. gpomplin

    damn if I was working
  8. Papa "J"

    Willing to trade whatcha got????????
  9. Papa "J"


    Would be willing to trade toward higher end auto loader shotgun or hand gun, or AR.
  10. YANK N CRANK #2

    Is it a push feed model or is it the model 70 classic with the mauser style claw extractor?
  11. Papa "J"

    I beleive mauser. El toro helped me with the purchase and said that was the better & safer of the two thus the reason for purchase
  12. Papa "J"

  13. Papa "J"

    Anyone have a suggestion on where to sell it beside Calguns?
  14. jims469

    You say just one of the things, what else do you have? I have a Desert Eagle .44 magnum with .50 AE if interested, shot one time with about 50 rnds down range.
  15. TROB

    the gun.....right?
  16. Kingfish

  17. Papa "J"

  18. fishinreeldeals

    S&w 500 8 3/8 barrel like new. Original case, 50 rounds of 325g magtech. Trade?
  19. Papa "J"

    No thanks,

    Maybe a 7 shot 686, Hk P2000SK, Semi Autolader shotgun.
  20. fishinreeldeals