Win a Penn Squall 40 and a Blue Water Carnage Rod - Caption Contest

Discussion in 'Contests' started by brantc, Aug 7, 2012.

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  1. brantc


    As pioneers of great fishing tackle, PENN has always been synonymous with quality and performance. The new Squall and Bluewater Carnage lines are no different.

    Now here's you chance to win a great combo to chase both offshore pelagics and inshore reef dwellers.

    The Bluewater Carnage rods have both the backbone and feel to match up perfectly with the Squall series of reels.

    To win this combo, all you have to do is come up with the best caption for the picture below:

    View attachment 370158

    The combo is valued at over $300.

    View attachment 370184

    Contest ends August 16th, 2012 at 5:00 PM PST

    Let the games begin......

    To learn more about the Squall, check out the PENN product video by Mike Rice.


    For full specs:



    1. Winner will be determined by BD staff and PENN. Judges decisions are final. If you lose, just wait for the next contest and quit complaining that you got screwed.
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  2. mercerm

    Tues is gay
  3. Jig Stick

    Punit going for the gold in the aqua vault.
  4. Jig Stick

    Even in his man thong...Punit is bad ass!
  5. Bayninja 13

    Butt huggers for the bold, the brash the adventurous
  6. Jig Stick

    The Malaysian Coast Guard...We stop illegal immigration...PERIOD!
  7. Fishingbum

    Without a penn squall for a reel you might have to try this hard to get a fish on the boat!!
  8. seriola_killer

    Upon seeing Lt. Dan, Forrest was overcome with emotion.
  9. seriola_killer

    Once Poland's top Olympic coaches trained the Malaysians in pole vaulting, their chances went to shit.
  10. seriola_killer

    After Pulau's Torium took a dump on him, he resorted to rather daring methods to retrieve his Waxwing.
  11. seriola_killer

    Bamboo Stick: $1.35

    Barely Seaworthy Wooden Boat: $150.00

    Night Ranger Concert Tour T-shirt used as a loincloth: $1.88

    Slicing your sack down to your taint with cheap woven rope while trying to impossibly impale a barracuda: Priceless
  12. Zerg

    No fear with a spear!
  13. jrhoma

    You dont have to do hand to hand combat with your fish, Penn Squal/bluewater carnage lines stand up to the toughest nature can throw your way!!!

    How fishing was before the Squall.
  15. Jig Stick

    Malaysian jig sticks...17'6" (after 3" are cut off the butt end of coarse)
  16. c00perfish

  17. leadslinger

    How long does it take Air Mail to Deliver my new PENN SQUALL/BLUE WATER CARNAGE COMBO this is getting ridiculous,,,
  18. takoman

    No pole vaulting in the shallow end of the Lagoon.
  19. John Dah

  20. Rhixso

    Gear need an upgrade? Leap into the future of fishing with Penn Squall and Bluewater Carnage.