Will the full moon hurt the fishing?

Discussion in 'Southern CA Private Boater Offshore Trip Planning' started by yot_fish, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. yot_fish

    I will be going on a overnight out of seaforth this weekend and the moon is full will this hurt the fishing at all? I am a avid Largemouth fisherman and I know it hurts fresh water a tad bit. Any Ideas?
  2. Mahi Geer

    it seems it did slowed it down last couple months but you never know its fishing....
  3. locobro

    Some of the best fishing of the month is right around a full moon. I have followed a chart this year that combines the sun and the moon cycles and it has been pretty right on more than a few times. Good luck.
  4. finatik

    it used to be the bluefin would bite better leading up to and after a full moon. strangely in other parts of the world especially with bill fishing it hurts. fish feed all night

    I have had good luck on a full moon when it was cloudy or overcast all night. When clear not so good. the way I understand is tuna tend to move during a full moon. good luck anyway, the fish are so thick right now it should not matter .
  6. queenfish

    Be prepared to fish starting way before grey light. The sporties have been shutting down on meter marks and getting the fish to go before light. Moon will just make it more fun.
  7. duffster

    What boat are you going on?
  8. SeaWhore

    Full moons have been bad for me. I don't go out during the full moon cycle. I just went out on the 11th during a half moon and did pretty good. I'm sure your responses will be 50/50 good luck
  9. yot_fish

    I was thinking if is overcast it would not matter but I guess thats why its fishing...
  10. flojoBill

    There is a lot more water movement (tide flow) on the full and new moons which generally improves fish activity leading up to the peak. Most people say that fishing is best 2 days before and 2 days after the full and new moons. You can check the tides here... http://zen.surfline.com/Oceanside.jpg

    When it comes down to it though you fish when you can. GOOD LUCK!!!! Go Get Em!!!!
  11. barreled4ever

    Sorry for being a newb...but i thought full moon always hurt the bite the next day...because they fish feed all night with the bright moon....so next morning...not that hungry?
  12. inSTANt bendo

    Tuna need to eat about 30% of their body weight every day.....that's a lot of anchovies and sardines! Regardless of full moon or new moon, they eat pretty much constantly. And dorado will eat just about anything at any time....they grow so fast that they have to fuel their bodies constantly. Don't worry about it and have fun!