Discussion in 'Saltwater Fly Fishing' started by fishymeister, Mar 19, 2012.

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  1. fishymeister

    I arrived to horrible conditions to be throwing a fly but said what the hell. I don't mind S winds at this beach but W or N really screws up my casting (right handed).
    One missed bite and one mini wiggles. My first wiggles on fly gear, hooked by the mouth underneath, but not IN the mouth so I guess that's not fair caught. Fun either way.
    Saw a small bait ball get tail slapped 50ft. from me. After that I stripped as fast as I could to keep my fly off the bottom hoping for a chance at a baby thresher but I didn't see it again (would have raped my gear anyway). Tomorrow I'm bringing the right stuff just in case! In 20 mins. I watched 4 bait guys bring in 3 leopards to 4ft and kill them. Nice sunset. Brought my fly in just like this, what are the odds?
  2. Local Fishin'

    I'd say one ina' million.