why no users manual?

Discussion in 'Avet Reels Support' started by aero, Aug 4, 2006.

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  1. aero

    every reel i've bought before came with a users manual,you buy an avet no manual.i bought a mxj 2 speed,this is my first two speed reel and i don't have a clue how to use it's features or it's maintainence schedule.do any avets come with a manual ?

  2. panamajeff

    Supposedly now they do but I recieved 2 reels last month and no manual
  3. NickyBaby

    i recently bought a JX 6/3 and an mxj and they both have parts list and manual.... All you need is a parts list and if you don't know how to work a 2 speed then you have no business owning one in the first place.
  4. Baja Dreamer

    Ease up a little. Everyone has to start somewhere! :)


  5. 1:11

    not too mention, everybody is entitled the literature that should come with every reel. Its figured into the price.
  6. panamajeff

  7. Old&In The Way

    If you go to the Avet website you can download an Adobe PDF file and print or store it on your computer. It's nice because you can zoom in and get a close look at all the parts. Click on the Avet logo at the top of this page. Click Support, and find your model.
  8. umoa

    i recently got a jx 6/4 and the manual it came with was outdated. maybe they are updating.

    basic instructions: see that silver button on the handle? push in to winch in fish, and pust the silver tab to have the faster ratio.

    *always have the reel in freespool when adjusting the preset knob.

    maintenence from manual:
    -wipe/wash (fine mist) to remove salt
    -sparingly lube all exposed areas
    -store in dry cool place (not in sealed plastic bag)
    -keep in freespool
    -periodically check screws to tighten
    -recommended once a season service depending on use

    pretty much sums up the manual
  9. aero

    thanks for the replies.i figured out how to change speeds and the drag setup last night.
    as for nickybaby,you own a car,tv,cellphone and various other appliances.i suppose you never had a learning curve on any of them?

  10. NickyBaby

    sorry if it sounded bad, but geez all you have to do is push a button

  11. 1:11

    Working the two speed is pretty fail safe. Pretty easy stuff. However, go thru the manual regarding setting the drag. If you've never used a lever drag, its important to know that anythime you adjust the preset drag knob, you must put the reel in freespool first ( Lever drag backed as far off as it will go). Setting the drag may look like alot of back and forth, and it is. Wrap the line around your hand three or four times (so you dont cut or injure you hand on the line - be extra careful w/spectra), pull off drag. Assuming you arent going to spring scale your drag. Drag still not tight enough, put reel in freespool, tighten preset knob one or two clicks depending on how loose or tight it felt, then put back in strike and repeat this process until your drag is at the desired setting. . Make sure you never try to tighten the preset knob with the reel in strike. Thats bad.
  12. Big_John

    Let me see - The $49.95 friggin vacuum cleaner the old lady bought last week comes with a manual. A $300-$500 fishing reel does not...no matter how you slice and dice this issue, it aint right. These are the little things in life that point many consumers to other brands.
  13. Iron thrower

    No need for a smart ass response to a question from someone who wants a civil answer. I guess you were born with the knowledge of how to tie a loop to loop, S.D. knot, a bimini twist without any manual or for that matter to program your Ipod , etc etc. Allen, keep asking questions. A great bunch of knowledgable people on here would like to help when someone "ask" a question. Its people who know it all that miss out.

  14. FishStalker

    Holy christ. You want some crackers and cheese?
  15. Big_John



    Nope, no crackers and cheese but I'd expect a manual for a peice of equipment I'd be paying hundreds of dollars for.
  16. hustlur

    Operating the 2 speed is like finding the G-Spot. You must know how to work the button to make that reel scream!!!! I don't think I need a manual for that, yet I can give you guys tutorials.:rofl:
  17. FishStalker

    So, in other words, you don't ACTUALLY OWN AN AVET???????

    Well, then, let me be the first to say "shut the fuck up".

    Seriously, who the fuck needs a MANUAL for a fishing reel?

    I have quite a few avets.....as well as shimanos, penns, pro gears, daiwas....if any of my reels actually came with a manual (and some didn't) there wasn't anything in any of them that was ground breaking.

    "turn the handle". "grease the moving parts"."rinse the reel with freshwater"

    It's all pretty fucking basic unless you ride the short bus.

    Oh, maybe I hit on something there.....:rofl: :rofl:
  18. NickyBaby


  19. out of reach

    What if ya want to take it apart a manual wouldn't hurt.

  20. Big_John

    Your post shows quite a bit of class. It also demonstrates how much more you know about reels than anyone here. I guess nobody else should chime in here, nobody else should ever render an opinion because yours is the only opinion that matters?