why learn to fly fish???

Discussion in 'Fly Fishing' started by baitcasterboy20, May 4, 2010.


What Kind Of Fly Fishing Do You Like

  1. saltwater

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  2. freshwater

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  3. both fresh and salt

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  1. baitcasterboy20

    i think i might like to learn how to fly fish

    but i don't really know why i shoud try, and if i do try i'll be fishing saltwater.
  2. Marcus

    I added another option as most guys out here who flyfish in the saly love doing it just as much in the fresh also.

    I do both but find I do more in the salt as there isn't that much good freshwater flyfishing nearby
  3. OFN

    To do it justice have someone teach you how to tie your own flies. There is a real sense of satisfaction catching fish with something you made.
  4. FlyinFishOTI

    In the fresh, there's no better way to present the flies properly to the fish. It's kind of hard to cast a 1/2" of feather and hook with a 2# spinning rig.

    For the salt, you can fish shellfish imitations and baitfish imitations with a certain type of action you can't mimic with spinning gear. Not that you can't fish these well with spinning gear, but the action you get with stripping line by hand is different and sometimes more appealing. And again, you can't really cast a crab fly or streamer with a conventional setup very well.

    Marcus, I haven't forgotten about getting you on some creeks! Only creek fish I've gotten this year were from a family camping trip in the Santa Barbara Mountains. The local flows have settled down a bit I think, but I haven't made it out for a couple months to check them out. I'll let you know!
  5. johndtuttle

    The reason to Fly Fish is that it is absolutely the best way to match what the fish in streams actually are eating in Fresh Water. A little less so in lakes but still true.

    When you "Match the Hatch" exactly and learn how to present flies properly you then begin to absolutely haul in fish after fish after fish.

    It is INSANELY effective but with a steep learning curve and you basically have to learn the unique insect population of whatever body of water you are fishing. Then once you have it dailed in you will DESTROY fish like nobodies business. It's almost unfair it works so good. Especially for trout in lakes and streams.

    For Salt, I believe the same holds true for flats fishing where the water is so shallow that regular gear cannot target the fish adequately. Other than that (say offshore etc) it makes absolutely no sense to me as there are more than enough challenges w/o having to complicate things with flies.
  6. en-vision rods

    Fly fishing can be great fun, it is very challenging at the same time. I have taught casting and guided for many years, and I have seen many people get hooked on the adrenaline. Fly fishing is very visual most of the time you are casting at fish you already see and the bite usually is phenomenal.

    That being said, it is also like golf in a way. you either pick it up easy and love it or struggle and hate it. So any investment you make to begin with should be minimal.

    The only fly shop in palm beach county is in Boca it is called The Ole Florida fly Shop and is owned by Darren Selznick. They have casting seminars fairly often. If you live in north palm beach county you will have to go to Stuart, there are i think two shops there. Once upon a time one of the best shops was in Downtown west palm, unfortunately it closed.

    i suggest you get in touch with a fly shop (don't go to Gander Mountain) there are many tackle shops around but none who really focus on fly fishing. The only one who has some knowledge would be Fishing Headquarters in Jupiter.

    Your other options are private lessons, or monthly inshore meetings at West Palm Beach Fishing Club. There are many accomplished fly fisherman there.
  7. en-vision rods

    I agree, tying your own flies and then fishing them is awesome, and so much a part of the experience.
  8. teahupoo

    Life cycle of a angler.

    A. start out trying to catch anything.
    B. then you try catching a lot of fish.
    C. then you start trying to catch the big one.
    D. Then you start trying to catch the special one.
    E. Finally you take up fly fishing.
  9. baitcasterboy20

    have any of you guys fly fished in a kayak. because i'm going to buy a nice new kayak and i'll spend most of my fishing time in the yak. so i won't be fishing from shore as much as i do now
  10. widgeon

    Sounds about right, except for the fly fishing. I've done a little (very little) fly fishing. Even tied a few flies and caught a few trout on said flies. Now I'm in between B and C.

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