Why do Texans hate Penn so much?

Discussion in 'World Of PENN' started by sfef84, Apr 12, 2012.

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  1. sfef84

    The Wold of PENN forum may not be the best place to ask, but the bias for Shimano v PENN is so strong in Texas, I can't get a fair answer on Texas Boards.

    I grew up offshore fishing in San Diego and moved to Texas a while ago. The guys in the Gulf Of Mexico (GOM) are obsessed with Shimano and when asked why the disdain towards PENN, the answer is "because Shimano is the best."

    I don't get it.
  2. picasso

    I don't think that attitude is exclusive to Texas. Plenty of boys in California feel the same way.
    Penn used to be the best, but for they let the competition get ahead of them.
  3. cmartin50

    shimano does alot of small game equip and when kids in tex start with small game(bass/redfish) gear by shimano, the first name they think of when they want to go bigger stuff is the brand theyve been choosing for years. thats why i bought my shimmy toriums
  4. tunanorth

    Now THAT's a loaded question if there ever was one!
    I don't think it's necessarily true about Texas, but certainly anyone can have a strong preference for any brand, and they are entitled to do so.
    There was indeed a period where several ownership changes happened in a relatively short span [2001-2007], which pretty much stalled new product innovation for Penn.
    The good news is that with almost 5 years of very stable ownership and management, product R&D has been moving forward strongly, but it does take time.
    Compared to the 2010 catalogue, the 2012 Penn catalogue has 51 new reel models, so lots of great new reels are hitting store shelves [more to come], and lots of performance innovation like the "live spindle" feature.
    A couple of things I have observed in many locations [not just Texas] are making an "apples vs. oranges" comparison; usually with a price disparity by comparing say, a $100 reel with a $300 reel.
    What also can happen is an angler has had a given Penn model for many years [sometimes decades], and then decides its time to look at something newer [or a friend has something cool and new].
    Then they go down to their local tackle store and look at 3 or 4 different cool new models of whatever brands, which look and feel really nice, but since they already have a Penn, they just figure the new Penns will be like what they already have, and don't look at them.
    Bottom line, there are many great fishing tackle brands on the market; take a look at the Penn model that fits your needs, in the price range that works for you, and you'll find they are on par with, or better than, anything out there.
  5. Locke N Load

    Penn v. Shimano
    Accurate v. Avet
    Ford v. Chevy
    Mercedes v. BMW

    All solid choices you can't go wrong with so it comes down to personal preference.
  6. seriola_killer

    Very true Locke N Load! 5 years ago if asked Penn v. Shimano I would have said Shimano hands down. Now, with the Torque, Fathom, and Squall, I'm not so sure.

    Accurate v. Avet? My personal opinion is Accurate is the superior product, although people tell me that Avet's come a long way. I gave up on them a couple years back because of that damn drag creep. Maybe the've fixed this, I don't know.

    Mercedes v. BMW? BMW all the way ;)
  7. DoubletroubleII

    Many Texans like Shimano reels because they make the Texas Longhorn reel clamps for them :rofl:
  8. Capt. G

    I say : "Buy Penn....buy American!" (Oh wait, most, if not all the inshore/light tackle Penn reels under $250 are NOT made in America).

    I heart my sets of Penn International reels...from the 955's to the 130's..and my fav of them all ..the Penn International fly reels....I have three of them, and they are strong as new rope. I think these are still made in the USA?
  9. Northeastfshman Advertiser

    A better question might be...

    Why would someone's first post on BD be a question of why people prefer Shimano to Penn in Texas :rofl:
  10. tunanorth

    It is a bit of a conundrum the way it is phrased; something like: "When did you stop beating your wife?", but my guess would be because BD is the second-busiest saltwater-centric fishing website in the [English speaking] world, and he figured he could get a straight answer.
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