Who's Boat Sank Today @371...

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by hotrodtuna, Sep 1, 2007.

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  1. hotrodtuna

    All over the air waves about 11:00, 35 foot boat went down @ the 371/302? Three survivors in life boat rescued by a top notch skipper who knew what needed to be done! Anyone hear any info on details of sinking? The responding Capt. was from the boat Alexis. I also confirmed the boat called for Vessel Assist for a tow in, Vessel Assist responded back with an 1 1/2 response time. Would not have mattered though because I heard his first call and it was within 1/2 hour to when his Epirb and Mayday went out. Bummer.
  2. michael

    Holy crap!!!
  3. Dos Locos

    If you're gonna go down then the 371 on a holiday weekend is the place for it to happen. I'm sure there were lots of folks around to help.

    Condolences to the skipper and crew for the loss of the boat.
  4. mcalab

    Man does that suck. Hope everyone was ok.
  5. fishnfool

    News at 11. Sorry to see this happen, and curious to hear details. Hope there isn't some mostly submerged thing floating around out there. Be careful everybody. Glad they are ok.
  6. canyon00168

    Yeah we heard the chatter while we were having electrical problems out at the 209... Another boat called Vessel Assist for us (thank you very much) but they never came. About 3 hours later we got our boat started and made a B-line for Oceanside harbour. We contacted Vessel Assist on the way in just in case we didn't make it and heard all the talk about the sinking boat. Wish I could have been there to lend a helping hand...
  7. hotrodtuna

    I heard you and was following your progress, after the sinking I listened a little more intently. Glad it worked out for you, Vessel Assist on holiday weekend is way over loaded!
  8. Mick

    THIS WAS OFF OF JD'S SITE, not us but interesting read.

    We got the May Day-- by the time we got there the boat was going down-- near the 302---they got into their little rubber floating thing---got them aboard-- We stayed there till the Coast Guard came and got them-- as it sunk all their bait swan over to us. whaling for the CG we got a dorado! It was something like a 34 ft boat nice looking, something like that- that thing went down quick-- they they had no idea what happened no alarms, put a quick mayday- everyone else drove right by them-- Good going-- saved some lives and caught a dorado-- it was bow up last we saw of it--
  9. Blackfish

    I heard the chatter as well while on th 181...a guy called out a warning about the debris and the bow floating out of the water along with the catwalk.

    Glad all made it out of the water alive...scay stuff.
  10. Gil Marlin

    Be prepared there is always something floating around out there that you may not see...
  11. Afry

    There is, I came across a bench seat and a heavy wood hatch(?) floating just NW of the 371 on Sunday. Heads up.
  12. tinfish

    A few years back didn't the Heather B float for sometime?
  13. Luhr'd Away

    I think everyone heard the mayday. We were in route to assist when the a commercial boat had them on board. Must have been a through hull fitting to go down that quick. Crazy.