Wholesale Leadheads?

Discussion in 'Home Built Fishing Lures' started by KC Kevin, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. KC Kevin

    Anybody have a source for buying leadheads in bulk? 1/2, 3/4, 1 and 1.5 ounce plain leadheads is what I am looking for. I am not into pouring lead but would like to start painting/ dipping my own colors and tired of $3.59 for a two pack.

    thanks. :cheers:
  2. screaming_spool

  3. aclemieux

    If you go to the Owner booth (usually right near Bongos) they usually have these eyeless leadheads there, obviously made using Owner hooks. I've bought them there a couple times. Sharpest leadheads I've seen. They're not really in bulk, but usually for a pretty good price.
  4. FishGuru

    If anyone knows please tell me also!!!
  5. Weazel

    SQC use to have bulk bags (it's been awhile since I checked). Squidco sells them in smaller packages but they're still way cheaper than anywhere else I've come accross.
  6. KC Kevin

    Captain Curt @ Noah's is looking into this for us guys. Stand by.....
  7. WellFairFisher

    Kev......What heads you lookin for?????....If I have the mold i'll pour em for ya....
  8. poncherello

    I agree with Weazel and go with squidco. Can't find a better deal. You may want to try bass pro shops and use their brand (Offshore Angler?) Everytime I'm in vegas I stop buy and stock up. I pick up their painted leadheads with eyes. They range in weight from 1/8 to 1/2 ounce and come in an 8 pack. I just checked their website and they go for $3.19. They use mustad hooks so they are pretty good. I used these heads with the blams during the spring and summer and did very well with the calicos. Then again, calicos will chew on the blams. Hope this helps. Good luck!
  9. TeamStriper

    I'm sure if the guys at Noah's contact Pete Wolf @ Big Hammer they should be able to get a bulk order of the unpainted HammerHeads with the eyes unattached to be put on after painting.

    That's how I get 'em.

  10. KC Kevin

    OK, here's the dealio, hot of the press from Noahs.

    He's contacted the manufacturer and got a smokin deal for us. 25 per bag, Gamakatsu Black Nickle Hooks, unpainted, with or without eyes. I am ordering my eyes separately so I can paint them up myself. They are the standard triangular shaped leadhead most guys use on their BIG HAMMER swimbaits.

    Here's the prices per bag and the per leadhead equivelant:

    1/2 oz- $19.99/ .80 ea
    3/4 oz- $21.99/ .88 ea
    1 oz - $22.99/ .92 ea
    1 1/2 oz- $24.99/ 1.00 ea
    2 oz - $26.99/ 1.08 ea

    Kevan said he would extend this deal to anyone interested so give him a shout and order away. These are a quality leadhead not some cheap imitation. They aren't making much dough on this so order them at these prices before they change their minds!

    Thanks Kevan and Curtis for putting this together. :beerbang: :cheers:
  11. FishGuru

    Thanks for the info Kevin....

    I've been going crazy trying to get leadheads in bulk. I couldnt find anything so I went online and brought a melter and some molds. Got the stuff in the mail on tuesday. Went out and got some hooks and lead, called the boys over and we poured 400+ last night. Firgured the cost per leadhead after we were done, came out to .13 cents a piece.
  12. Trianglist

    Kev, that's a great deal for quality stuff.

    Unfortunately for me, I lose so many leadheads that even at $.80 each, it could get pricey :)
    I usually get my leadheads in bulk at the Fred Hall show; however, these are definitely inferior in quality to leadheads with Gamakatsus. I remember buying several bags of maybe 25-30 heads for less than $5 per bag
  13. vlionetti

    There is a guy that sells all kinds of leads at the SWAMP MEET in Santee.
    He is only out there once or twice a month, I think it is the 1st and last weekend of each month. I am sure you can ask the people that run the meet and they can tell you when he is there, if I am wrong. He has been doing it for years.