who rides?

Discussion in 'Nonsense Anything Boards' started by bradmaralbacore, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. bradmaralbacore

    dirtbikes, quads, buggies, trucks or any off-road vehicle. i perosnally have a wr250f and frequently ride in the desert. i just wanna see if any fellow BDers ride cuz im always looking for someone to smoke:_shopping ..haha...but anyways lets hear the year, model, make and where you ride. (glamis ocotillo etc.)
  2. gaff_ya_good

    we havent off roaded for a long time due to housing development. we'd off road around the black mt area and such, but yea. we drive toyotas, and the one im drivin is an 87 pickup. thing's been taken from coast to coast and beat up but still goin. ide love to fully restore it.
  3. HOOKUP1904

    03 banshee, toomy t5's +2 a-arms rickey stator, 4 billet lights by rickey stator, bigger fly-wheel and high output stator, +4 alba swing-arm and a duncan racing +4 axle...
    Gordons or Glaims only not into playin in the rocks...:finger:
  4. Jaydog

    I ride horses in Lucerne Valley!!!
  5. bradmaralbacore

    dammmmn so much for smoking you. i ride in ROCCOtillo but im gettin a paddle soon. i ride with my friends and his dad who used to own Boss Bait and Tackle and they have a sick alumicraft 100,000$ buggy yfz450,banshee, and quadzilla 500 and they love glamis:beerbang: :boobies:
  6. bradmaralbacore

    sorry gaydog wrong place for this:rofl: ...does your Girl friendd make you or smething?:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: your lying right?
  7. Jaydog

    Sometimes I prefer the slow pace of a mule, me and CUDA often go for Sunset rides......:rofl:
  8. Ali Admin

    Just got back from Gordons. I have a Raptor and an old Honda 250x that we take out a few times a year.

    I'm more there for the beer and bbq.

  9. bradmaralbacore

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: i cant see cuda on a mule!!! or you!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha:deadhorse
  10. barracudabreath

    I chase my boy's 2004, Honda CRF 70 with my 2001 KTM LC4 400 (true Austrian bike, fully street legal). We ride in Ocotillo, Johnson Valley, Stoddard Wells, the foothills of Elsinore...Lets get that BD'er desert trip going!
  11. bloodyboot

    '04crf450 & 04'400ex. we go to gordons alot but i like octillo alot and plaster city,susperstition. I used to have too different prerunner trucks, but it's had to drive or get them home. I like the desert but i'm real sick of the tent.
  12. bradmaralbacore

    i smell a next season BD desert trip. somewhere in ocotillo. we can get a circcle goin with trailers. BBQ BEER just a good ol' time in the derset. anybody in? im also going to be at holmes camp in ocotillo next weekedn of the 17th. silver f-150 with a BD sticker
  13. Fishbones

    4 seat sandcar,yz125(Fishin4life) Glamis wash 13. F350 diesel crewcab 4x4 pulling 38' Sandpiper 5th wheel toy hauler.

    153c7699286c.jpg a8ee8e12db90.jpg
  14. Kelp King

    03' Yz250f

    100_0085.JPG 100_0086.JPG
  15. Kelp King

    BD desert party sounds awesome.
  16. fishnfu

    Wow, no thanks brother, but have fun!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    I have a toyota 4x4, lifted 7.5" with 5.29's front and back and locked front and back also... I will take it anywhere there's dirt, rocks, sand, mud, hills you name and i'll be there ready to get it dirty!!!
  17. Jaydog

    Gosh darn Travis, don't ever grow up cause you got it as good as it get's. :notworthy
  18. Fishin4Life

    I payed for my own bike

  19. Jaydog

    My pop's would'nt let me ride, he had two uncles die on street bikes, I guess he was worried. I later went on to get a few different 4 stroke trail bikes (XR500 KLR250) , used to ride up in Lucerne and Apple Valley, trails that gooo on forever. Now I just ride mules...
  20. McKee

    Fuck that, I think I still have a hangover from the last fishermans Glamis trip, and that was two years ago:720icon: :720icon: :720icon: :720icon: