Who owns defiance boats?

Discussion in 'Boating Discussion' started by Budaploud, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Budaploud

    i'm in the market for a boat and was wondering if defiance boats is gonna stay around now that palmer marine had to sell. being new to the area, does anyone know of any (real honest) scuttlebutt about this? oh, thanks for all the PM's to you guys giving your advice on which boats are "most popular" here.
  2. marlyn

    i THINK palmer still owns defiance although they have had to close a couple plants down.its the economy getting everyone and some companies cant take the hits.bo palmer was just on here the other day and didnt say anything about selling.
  3. Double Z

    I think if you buy a loaded boat with electronics and all the safety stuff AND a new 80lb roller rod with either a Avet, Daiwa, AccuCrap, or Shitmano leverdrag two-speed, you are now the CFO of the company...
  4. ?? fisherman

  5. ?? fisherman

    No worries, it's all a bit confusing in these tough times.

    Here is another post just days ago from a local Defiance dealer here in San Diego that better describes what is going on with Defiance Boats.

    Below is the thread from Rob Sanford, the Defiance dealer here In SD

    OK, time for "The rest of the story" as the late Paul Harvey would say....

    First...Defiance is alive and well! We introduced the new 290 Guadalupe at the Long Beach show, and have some new designs in the works for the summer. The LB show went well, we sold several boats, we pummeled the competition, and had a general buzz of excitement in our packed display the entire show! Really looking forward to seeing all of you in Del Mar also...

    Now, with regard to the North Carolina factory.....It was the intent of Bo Palmer to have a West Coast Factory AND an East Coat factory to save on freight and associated costs with a country as geographically large as the U.S. Until the slide in the economy, and the downturn in direct-drive Shamrocks and Albins....it was a great plan.... The NC plant manufactures MOSTLY Shamrock and Albin, as well as a FEW Defiance models for the east as needed.....
    The operation out west has been essentially supporting the east for a long time now, and has been a burden to the entire operation since the decline of shaft drive Shamrock models....Soooo....It was with business saavy that Bo decided to put that Eastern plant in mothballs, or even close it down if necessary until someone else could take the facility over. The entire state of North Carolina has lost DOZENS of manufacturers, and with this jacked-up-media-driven-economy, the word is that many of the remaining builders in North Carolina are not far behind!

    The GOOD NEWS is that a very solid, very forward thinking investment group is now behind the Defiance boat brand in the Washington state plant for the long haul! They believe in the product, they believe in the designs, and best of all they believe in Bo Palmer who will remain at the helm.

    As far as our lifetime warranties....they will all be honored for every boat we have sold, and every boat we do sell out of our inventory (...and believe me, we have become the number one selling pilot house in the West for a reason!)

    Offshore Boat Centers will continue to offer great rigging, great service, and a solid reputation of knowledgable staff.....when the other guys are glaringly left wanting in every operational level.

    We are excited about the future of Defiance. It shows in our product developement, in our show displays, in our staff, and in the new direction the manufacturer is going.

    Come see us at Seaforth Sportfishing for a visit.....bring a jig stick, and we'll go check out a new Defiance! Thanks - Rob

    - No Wood
    - No Rot
    - Better Boat
    - Better Ride
    - Better Price
    - Lifetime Warranty

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  6. Budaploud

    03-14-2009, 07:19 PM
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    Thank You To All
    I have not posted up until now, and unfortunately have had a lot on my plate. I do not want to do too much except to thank all of those on this site who have helped me and the many Shamrock Customers that have been sent to this site for the ultimate knowledge base with regards to Shamrock Boats and really boating in general.

    I appreciate the support by most and can only say that I truly did everything I could to try to save Shamrock. When I purchased Shamrock in 2003 I was the only guy still interested when the time came to put the money down and sign away my life to the bank to buy Shamrock. It was a very large investment, it was in the millions, not the hundreds of thousands as some have suggested before. I only post this to let you guys know that No One loves or cares about these boats more than I do other than perhaps George Boynten himself, the original designer and founder of Shamrock Boats.

    I am still working to find a buyer for the molds and assets, and while I think that a "Fan Ownership Group" is a great idea. Boat building, or manufacturing of any type right now is very difficult. I would certainly help in a any way possible to do anything that would help Shamrock to continue on.

    Why were the old molds destroyed. First of all most of the molds that you speak of were destroyed before I even got the company from KCS. The few old molds that we had were in such dire shape, that you couldn't have built a boat without alot of re-work to the molds. I offered to build the boats many times and never once did I get an order for any of the older models. Would you pay $100,000 for a brand new 26', 8' beam boat when you could buy a used boat that is exactly the same for a fraction the cost? We tried, and I will tell you I never turned down an order on any model. I probably had 30 people that called the factory and wanted a 20' Pilothouse. I would quote them a price about equivalent to a 22' Predator and never once did I have anyone get even close. So the idea that I killed the old keel models is just not accurate. The consuming public killed them, by not buying even one. I kept the two molds that I had for 3 years, and never got one serious offer to order a boat. No boat builder can build the same model for 35 years and expect to be successful, while competing against the same boat on the used market for a fraction the price. No production boat company is building the same boat they built 35 years ago, at some point it costs more to store the molds than to continue to keep storing them.

    I am very grateful to this group, closing up my factory, and laying of my employees is the hardest thing I have done.

    My companies, Bladen Composites and Palmer Marine are both closed down. I sold the Defiance Boat molds and assets to a group of investors who is excited to keep that going long term. The West Coast Factory changed hands on Friday. I am now focused on trying to find a buyer for the Shamrock Assets. I can tell you that Shamrock would have to be as small semi custom type of operation to be successful. With the onset of Outboard four stroke technology, combined with the new tier 2 requirements for Diesel engines, the Diesel option has continued to get even more expensive and harder to sell in our size range and market. Defiance was keeping Shamrock alive for the last two years. If the economy had not gotten so bad, so quick, perhaps Defiance could have supported it further. We had started to do strong business in Europe, but when you Europe business went away, combined with repurchase obligations with the flooring companies, we just had no options. I had hoped that combining Albin, with Shamrock could have created a successful lineup from 22' to 35' that could have revived both companies. Although I do not have ownership of Defiance or Shamrock any longer I am still anxious to be sure that they continue on.

    I have been offered a position with the new Defiance Company and will begin with them again once I am finished cleaning up and resolving the things in North Carolina.(probably part time immediately and full time in the next month or two.) I am also dealing with all of the personal economic challenges that stem from a failed business the size of mine. Although I will likely not post on here for awhile, until things get settled down, I hope that I can still post here in time, as many of you on this board I consider to be friends. I will do all that I am able to try and be helpful in future. But please know and believe that I love Shamrock Boats and truly did everything I could to try and have Shamrock Be successful.

    I did the best I could, I would never contend that I did not make bad decision from time to time, or that I could not have run the company better. I surely could have, and blame no one for the current state of affairs. But I gave it everything I had.

    Bo Palmer
  7. Budaploud

    that's what i thought...got a pm with this link to FISHTHECLASSIC.NET - The Shamrock Boat Owners' Club

    had to do some searching, but this seems legit. looked around on the site, came back here and it seems that some administrator didn't like what someone had posted about this topic...maybe i will just leave it alone before i get a knock at my door
  8. ?? fisherman

    What happened was the guy that posted about the topic (the one that vanished) had his info a little wrong, and actually came back on and appologised. I think he decided to come back on and delete his replies, or a mod decided to delete them, In any case the link to the thread on "Fish the classic" was interesting, but it did also clarify that Bo is still involved with Defiance as of those postings.

    The unknown fisherman:p:
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  9. marlyn

    WOW! i had no idea...
  10. ?? fisherman

    About what?

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  11. baloot-boy

    Its not un-commom for someone to sell their business to a group of investors, then for that person to still run the business for the investors.
  12. Budaploud

  13. ?? fisherman

    Yes really, do you even know what he is referring to, or are we playing a little guessing game here?

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  14. gecsr1

    mmmm look in his avitar boat: bayliner.......??????????
  15. Jaydog

    I'm pretty sure that Bo himself said that he had not yet taken a position with the new Defiance owners.
  16. Ali Admin

    I deleted all the misinformation to avoid confusion.

    Bo has sold Defiance to an investment group and should be accepting a position with them soon to continue running the Defiance Brand.

    Defiance is alive and well, Shamrock and Albin are gone and Bo is looking for new homes for their assets.

    This is from Bo's post above and personal emails to me.

    Let's hope the rest of the quality boat builders are able to hang in there....

  17. ?? fisherman

    For those of you that haven't navigated around the site to get all the current info regarding this, Below is the response that Bo put up last night regarding this subject.

    These are some really tough times guys, so the best we can all do is try to be supportive of a bunch of these boat manufactures and hope they (as well as many of us) make it through this brutal economic crisis.

    Here is Bo's response last night........

    I have posted a couple of times and hope this can be my final post about this subject for a while. Although it is always a bummer when you are unable to continue with your business plans and dreams as planned, I am excited to have a group behind Defiance like the group that we have going forward. They believe in the product, and have been involved with financing molds and equipment for me in the past. They are not coming in to this blind. They know the challenges and struggles associated with the boat business and I am excited that they had the faith in me and Defiance to help to assure its existence in the future. There are going to be alot more of our favorite brands of boats that shutdown in the months to come.

    Our sales of Defiance Boats have continued to be some of the strongest in the country. Our repurchase obligations with the large Floorplan companies ( boat companies have to repurchase boats from their dealers if the dealers fail) combined with debt service from the the Shamrock and East Coast Operation were just too much for me to overcome. Most boat companies are in this situation right now. Some that have been great names and reputations for 30+ years will be lost in this downturn. I hope that things turn around quickly, but I know from conversations with other large builders, that they are walking a tightrope right now.

    The New Defiance Company is well funded, much more so than I could have ever provided. And the company will be able to operate debt free. Something that is very important right now in todays marketplace. We are already working on a new model of boat that should debut around July and have some exciting things coming. Although it is different than how I have had to operate in the past, and having investors to answer to is very different for me, I am excited about the potential that Defiance will have in the future. Defiance is still behind the commitments that I made before the change took place like the Make a Wish Tuna Challenge (so keep buying those raffle tickets) and the Halibut Classic. I hope that we will be able to expand our involvement even more with the southern california sportfishermans causes in the years to come.

    I am working right now to try and find a group or individual for the Shamrock Brand, and am not sure what will happen going forward with Shamrock. But that is probably my biggest frustration. They are such great boats, and I have really poured my life into building Shamrock Boats, it is very sad to part ways with Shamrock. I will always be a huge Shamrock Fan.

    I have tried as much as I can to fill in the public on the happenings as they occur and will continue to do so. I will be at the Del Mar Fred Hall Show and would love to meet some of you guys in person. Even you guys that bust our chops from time to time have helped us to improve our product and build a boat that can meet the expectations of the Southern Californian Angler. Although it is always difficult during a time like this, I am looking forward to spending more time on the production floor on the west coast and less time traveling the country. I believe that it will allow me to focus my efforts on Defiance and hope that we will be able to continue building upon what we have built thus far.

    The unknown fisherman:p:
  18. shinerunner

    Thank goodess for deep pockets and debt free business practices.
    Good for them. Many are now learning the hard way about debt in an economic downturn. Good luck to Bo and I look forward to meeting him at the Fred show.
    Congratulations on creating and saving a terrific product that brings me and others a lot of joy. For the tunas? joy? not so much.
  19. Being a Defiance owner, I really believe that this will have little or no effect on me. Even if the Defiance completely shut their doors (I know that's not happening), I feel that I bought a boat the was built for the long hual. I've put around 600 hours on the boat since I bought it in Nov of '07. I'm as happy with it today, as the day I bought it.

    I appreciate Bo and Rob coming on here and being upfront on the upcoming changes within the company.
  20. marlyn

    bo,i wish you all the luck in the world on all your new ventures,this economy is more than any of us can control.