Who did Harry & Tues blow........

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Saluki, Apr 17, 2012.

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  1. Saluki

  2. bmtrout77

  3. ConSeaMate

    6th toughest....I don't want any excuses when we win the SuperBowl........
  4. Aggro

    Your Manning jersey is in the mail :D
  5. wheresmypliers

    can i get one??
  6. Aggro

    159.95 and I'll ship it to your door :D
  7. ConSeaMate

    I like the guy for what he is but we are going to kick his ass...<label for="rb_iconid_10">[​IMG]</label>....
    <label for="rb_iconid_10">[​IMG]</label>
  8. wheresmypliers

    now we all know frank aint gonna pay $160.00 for anything....which leaves the question, who did he have to blow to get a discount LOL
  9. Cory Admin

    you do know that only 2 games are added based on your place in the division the previous year right? the rest of the scheduled teams are layed out years in advance.

    I.E. since the donkies were the 1st place team for the AFC west, they will play a first place team from 2 other divisions. one home and one away.
  10. Saluki

    So you're saying that Harry & Tues had to blow 2 people to get that schedule?
  11. rdrrm8e

    One at home ...... and one away from home.
  12. Gil Marlin

  13. SeaDawg

    It's Not Who You Know;
    Or Who You Blow;

    It's How You Blow;
    Who You Know.................................

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  14. Tues

    If you take the Beers and The Queens out of the Packers schedule we would have the third or forth hardest schedule...
  15. Tues

    Maggie - We're still on, right? :D
  16. rivertake

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    I KNOW were still on. Just need to decide acceptable forms of payment.