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Discussion in 'Washington Fishing Rights' started by Fishinnut, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. Fishinnut

    I would like to say that right now if it weren't for our lobbyists in session right now. Our asses would be handed to us in major way. The legislation coming out is huge and we have paid people in there working for us non stop. We have them testifying on our behalf. It is a crazy time and without full time representation in Olympia we would be getting mowed down flat.

    I talk to them one to two times a day. We have people making bills that are against our beliefs and we have our lobbyists in there talking with the others one on one educating them what we want to see.

    This is not to turn into a rant but want everyone to know what the reality is.
  2. goatram

    Represent us Ron!
    Thanks we need more like you!

    :_portable Stop Music ya dad burn flea bitten Varmints :_diarrhea_:
  3. s_tipfan

    Thanks for your help Ron. It is much appreciated.
  4. JKIII

    Do you recommend we email our regional rep's and give them input?

    Did I read somewhere that Larsen was supporting the commercial crab interests? Can't find anything now when I search...

    Thanks for all of your hard work.
  5. Pete1313

    I also would like info on who to contact to support last year's adoption of a new crab policy. I'm concerned that some lone legislator is going to undo all the hard work on the sport crab fishermans' behalf.
  6. Tower Todd

    Keep on Keepin on Ron!

  7. fishhog56

    Democracy is not a spectator sport. Don't be sittin' on the bench. Join PSA, use their website to access the timely 'voter voice' tool!
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