White Shark attack

Discussion in 'Spear Fishing Reports and Info' started by Marcus, Apr 7, 2009.

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  1. Marcus

    Ray (AquaHunter) is a member here. Here's his story:

    Hello everyone,

    I don't know how to begin with this report, it's usually a great report but it's not. I'm not going to name this person that I dove with because I hope this idiot learned something yesterday.

    Before we started to go diving, I knew he was a newbie. He was politely asking me from time to time if he can go with me to learn the rope of hunting in the kelp. We have been talking back and forth for a few weeks before I decided to give in. I told him just before we started suiting up, "IF THERE'S ANY TROUBLE WE STICK TOGETHER TO SHORE" I made it clear in verbal and hand gestures. Sun just started coming up, I felt pretty good to make this dive.........I was dead wrong.

    We suited up at a secret location where we can park our cars just south of La Jolla. Water was nice a little bit choppy, Vizability was a hazy 10 feet but at the bottom was a good 20 feet. We swam northwest to a nice kelp bed, and begun hunting. 20 minutes into the dive, I looked up and see the "idiot" waving at me. I proceed to swim toward to him and saw that he had shot something. He was speaking gibberlish for the first few seconds, and I realized he had a WSB at the end of the shaft and it tangled 60 feet below (I checked my dive watch) First dive down, I saw the fish, looked around 360 degree for any toothy predator then came up. "Nice 50 lbers!" I replied to him. Then I asked him if he need help cutting up the kelp and bring the fish up. He said "yes" then I made the 2nd dive to the fish. Once again, I scanned 360 degree, nothing is around. I cut up the kelp carefully not to cut the reel line and then as soon I made the final cut on a strand. Left hand with the knife, and right hand with the WSB. I look at my right.......I couldn't believe what I'm seeing.......

    My mind was racing and my eyes were popping out like a golf ball. I'm staring at the mouth of a great white shark at 10 feet closing in. I let go the fish in a split second and arch back as I could. The shark clamped down on the 3/4 of this 50 lber WSB. I felt a hard hit on my right ribs which turned out the shark's left fin hitting me. I started swimming up as fast as I can. When I was 30 feet away and still in midwater. I look down and see this shark coming at me but with the mouth close. Somehow in the process of dropping the knife when I surface with the shark within few feet of me when I grab my speargun from this "idiot". I told him "Big Shark!! Big Shark!!!" Once this moron saw a glimpse of the shark, he let go his speargun and was hightailing to shore. I yelled at him to stick together so I can guard his back as he can guard my back. But he didn't just pure fear and panic took over his mind and left me there to deal with this shark. Cut the story short, shark was between 12-15 feet long, female, circled me a dozen times until I couldn't see her. I was so scared pointing the gun downward in case she made a attack from below......She didn't and I made it to shore.

    First thing was my fear started to go away, then anger build up inside of me. The MORON had the balls to ask me this. I was hoping to hear "Ray. you ok?!?!?" or "Let me help you up" But no, this is what came out of his mouth " Hey Ray, where's my gun?!?" I just let go with my temper, screaming and cussing at this guy for leaving and the important part was to stick together and not abandon your buddy. I packed my gears without letting him talk to me and just left. Last night, drinking several beers to make me relax and I started thinking, it could happen to anyone. So I posted this report to let y'all know. She's out there and be careful guys/gals. I'm graceful that I didn't get a bite from her or getting a SWB when I was swimming up. Also if you find a No Ka Oi Speagun with a Riffe Reel, please let me know so I can return this to the MORON!

    Dive Report 4/06/09 Shark - Spearboard Spearfishing Community
  2. Crash

    I just chit my pants reading it...
  3. fishnazzi

    Glad you made it ok.................Have another beer
  4. shinerunner

    After I got spyglassed by one of those fuggers at LJ, I decided then and there. no more diving for me. Thanks for the report.
  5. Carl

    Wow! I'm not a diver, but, I think I would have bailed the gear and let the shark try to find me through the shit cloud in my wake too! Fuck that!
  6. @-EZ

    I'll stay in my boat thank you very much. Sorry to hear the guy got left alone. Hopefully this time, with no injuries, someone learns something.
  7. jephs422

    Dude, if I was Ray I would have thoroughly shat myself. Glad he's okay.

    wow, what a story...did the GW sighting get reported to any authorities from a precautionary standpoint?
  9. dtak2001

    Good to see that you are ok.
    Thanks for the info and sorry about the lame ass that endangered your life.
    I may have not been as cool to him.
  10. johnnylite

    Fook me. Glad you're o.k.
  11. Crash

    This is the nob flaming back at the guy that just saved his ass - UNFUCKINGBELEAVABLE


    Why did you go ahead and posted this stupid thread about me? I said I was sorry and the gun was expensive. I left you there because I didn't know what to do when I saw the shark. I thought it was stupid to stay with you in the water with sharks and I was scared for my life. You're the idiot to not swim back like I did. I'm glad I don't have to tell your wife and kid that you would have died out there because I don't know sign language. Maybe if you could hear the shark coming at you underwater then this could have avoid the attack. I don't think you should go in the water because it's not safe that you're deaf. Give you my 2 cents. Wish you luck out there.

  12. Josh D

    Amazing story, thanks for sharing!!!

    What a tool, can't believe the spear gun comment.
  13. Shaka760

    Nothing more terrifying, yet surreal as being in the water, unprotected, in the prescence of the tax man himself.
  14. fishpainter

    Fuck that,i'll stay in the skiff.
  15. MORGS

    WoW that is some crazy shit glad he is ok.

    WTF is up with the "Moron"? Why would you leave your buddy behind like that? That is some fawked up shit. "Moron" should get blacklisted.
  16. johnnylite

    This could get ugly. Every man for himself just doesn't cut it.
  17. BloodyHooker

    You should post the coordinates of the "Secret Location" That way you know nobody will be diving in that area. WSB or not I am not hopping down there!

    Let me know if you wanna hunt at BKR I have some spots. I also have a zodiak to dive from, no swim to shore.
  18. Albacrazy

    Damn you guys are both lucky to have survived!
  19. @-EZ

    I read this and it narrows it down considerably.

    We suited up at a secret location where we can park our cars just south of La Jolla. Water was nice a little bit choppy, Vizability was a hazy 10 feet but at the bottom was a good 20 feet. We swam northwest to a nice kelp bed, and begun hunting.
  20. fishpainter

    I will cut the guy some slack,I would leave Erik in my wake if a shark wanted his ass after he posted that picture of me as Joey Porsch.