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    Hello Guys,

    On Tuesday June 5th we have a "SPECIAL" White Seabass trip aboard the Gail Force departing from LA Harbor Sportfishing fishing "ALL DAY" Catalina Island. We will be leaving the dock at 2am. This trip will be targeting White Seabass, Yellowtail and Calico Basss. NO ROCKFISH! This early departure will guarantee us getting to the island by sunrise. That day is also the day of the full moon (believed to be the best time for Seabass by most). This trip is limited to just 10 people and price is $180 per person. I will be running the boat along with Captain Joel Buonassissi helping me out and Steven on the deck. THIS TRIP WILL FILL FAST! Please call me ASAP if you want to join us! We currently have 4 spots left. If this trip works out I will be running more like it in the future when the exotics are biting.

    Hope to here from you soon,

    Capt. Ryan

    (310) 844-3814

    Credit card or cash deposit will be required prior to trip. A possible $10 bait charge may be required if we have to buy squid at the island. As always, ABSOLUTELY NO FUEL SURCHARGES!!!!!!!!

  2. jigmonster Advertiser

    Trip is $160 not $180
    If interested call Ryan
    310 844 3814
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    How was the trip and when do you have another one going

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    Since 98% of your previous posts on BD are related to you selling something, I'm somewhat interested in hearing how your trip went...............
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  9. fishmandude

    If you use BD to sell your service, it is common courtesy to give us a fishing report. Thank you.
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    Well we ended up getting a very good response from people for the trip. all looked like it would be a go for tuesdays trip until sunday came around. i talked to both receivers in the harbor and both had no squid for sale. so called up my buddies on the light boats and they also had no bait. At that point i made up my mind to cancel/reschedule the trip. ended up had 3 guys that really wanted to fish so they paid for fuel and we went for it. left the dock at 5am knowing it was gonna blow w small anchovies and some nice fresh frozen squid. Conditions were pretty poor right out of the light. a pretty decent swell w at least 12knots of breeze on it. started on the front of the island w a slow to fair pick on the bass, blue perch were all u want. moved around quiet a few times w the same results. ended the day w half limits of bass for the guys 1 cuda and 1 short seabass released. also in one area metered the hell out of yellows and seabass but ended up breaking the trip on the anchor and drug off the spot. if wasnt for the wind, conditions could have been very nice. in many spots we had very clean warm water. its only a matter of time before that island goes off! if you are interested in booking a charter w us feel free to give me a call @ 310 844 3814. we have all kinds of specials for the summer and can beat any competitors price.