White Sea Bass in Carlsbad

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by Halibut4me, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. Halibut4me

    It was a great weekend to be out fishing. The slightly warmer water is finally getting the fish to be more active. Fished the incoming high tide on Sunday morning. Cloudy skies. Moderate current and not to much salad to speak of.

    Started fishing the LC 100 Pointer and was happy to see the silver flash. The fish hit the lure hard and the fight was intense at first. Headhshakes were pretty strong at first too. She jumped out of the water two times, then she tired out quickly after. Taped out at 20" and was a clean release. I tried to get the parting shot, but she was to quick.

    I'll see you again soon my friend the Grey Ghost! Hopefully bigger next time.

    Thanks for reading and good luck out there. Lines tight!

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  2. osidefishin

    cool little cbass..
  3. copenhagenchild

    Pretty rad fish. Congrats
  4. Mischief

  5. 2small

  6. gonzoslays

    its dead now.
  7. Tunahead

  8. Philligan

    That is sweet man...Good on you.
  9. Halibut4me

    :2gunsfiring_v1: And so are you. Oh wait you can't be, you're still here being an a$$.

    Thanks to the rest of you. It was a lot of fun battling her.
  10. The Sea Hag

    Nice... hopefully the start of someething soon here!! : )
  11. rodngun762

    WSB in the surf is always special... nice fish.
  12. fyasko

    i agree.
  13. ratboy

    looks healthy 2 me!

    A bunch of know it alls on here.
    It'll be fine........

    So much fun, we've had a little run in the summers on the beach here, they pull hard.........
  14. Reuben

    Nice job getting out and catching a WSB! Im envious, way to go!
  15. Mischief

    CorVina,.. :D
  16. Simon Bon Bowery

    Hey Loke,

    Is that Cholo for Corbina.LOL
  17. Mischief

  18. Blackfish

    :rofl: I think all he was trying to say, all be it in a BD'er know it all way, is that WSB do not do well when their slime coat is damaged. They also do not release well.
    From what i have read, and been told by the guys at the grow out pens (which i have helped with for the past 5 years), is that simply touching a juvenile WSB can cause burns to the skin of the WSB....so I'm guessing, laying it on the sand for a pic and measurement, wasn't the best thing for the WSB.
    That being said, I really don't care..its one fricken croaker, but it never hurts to help someone become a better steward of the sea, or a educated angler. That is all.

    And I will add, nice shore fish catch.

  19. geno machino

  20. fyasko

    exactly. juvenile WSB should be released immediately once caught, the are not very resilient after being handled.