While You Were Eating Turkey .....

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by wildhorse1966, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. wildhorse1966

    i was out hooping for lobster

    i got to the ramp at 3pm ... and my nets were a mess so while i was waiting for my partner to show up i straightened all the nets out and loaded the bait cages (bait was Salmon heads)... he arrived at 4pm and by that time the bait cages were ready to go and i lauched the boat and we were off .... got to the spot in good time (nobody on the water) and dropped the hoops first set we got 2 legals 2nd set we pulled 2 more, 3rd set nothing 4th set nothing. So we moved the nets about 50 yards and thats when they started to Crawl ... on the last set i needed 2 more to acheve limits for both of us and on the 2nd net we got 1 legal, then when we brought in the rest of the nets and when he pulled in the last net there was a 7Lb bug in it so we booked it back to the docks washed the boat and went home so i could cook one of the bugs for dinner

    14 bugs (42lbs total)
    5 rock crab (6.5 lbs total)

  2. Kareem Korn

    42lbs X aprox $18/pound = $756 in bugs. Better than a poke in the eye, nice job.
  3. elliemay

    Very nice!
  4. Headshot

    Very Nice!
    Where do you pick up the Salmon heads?
    I'd rather bring the bait so we dont have to waste the time trying to make bait!
    Thanks for the report and pic's!
  5. Ali Admin

    Most of the big fish markets and brokers sell salmon heads.

    Chesapeake in San Diego is who we have used.
  6. wildhorse1966

    i bought it at a asian supermarket .... one thing i liked about it was that the heads didnt get torn up like the mackrel does i never had to refill my bait cages with the salmon ... this is the first time i used salmon heads because i have a freezer full of macks at my friends house but he wasnt home yesterday so i had no choice but to go to 99 ranch market .. it isnt cheap to buy the heads .. i bought 5 packages and it cost me 19 bucks ...
  7. saltyRed

    puts the experience nicely into perspective.
  8. wildhorse1966


    i dont care about what they are worth i enjoy having a BBQ with some steaks and bugs and having a good time with friends & family... you cant put a pricetag on that
  9. fisherbaby

    amen brother
  10. Duramax

    Nice job.
  11. Afry

    As Ali said, try Chesapeake Fish co in Seaport Village, about 40 heads for $20 - fresh or frozen but you need to call ahead.

    Oh yeah - good job!

    Man that's what I'm talking about, nicely said. Nice work once again Ralph and keep at it. Bet they were great with the Rib Eye eh? All I got was some damn turkey. Geez...

    Talk to you soon buddy.

  13. Mischief

    Ralph, i can get you free salmon heads anytime, we have them at my work as many as you want, give me a call next time,..

    oh and nice roach busting report!