Whidbey Island Hot Spots?

Discussion in 'Washington State' started by hooraAD, May 3, 2010.

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  1. hooraAD

    Pretty new to the area and looking for pretty much anything. Dog fish, rock fish, ect... Somthing that will put up a good fight. I will be catching and releasing all fish. I have a 4#, 8#, 12#, and a 30# rig. I dont have a boat due to lack of storage on base but do have wheels and will travel. Desperation has its grasp on me. Thanks in advance!
  2. Glad Wrap

    Welcome from one sailor to another. :finger: I do not fish that area from the shore but I know there are some great places to fish over there.

    In mid to late December you can catch hatchery steelies off Admiralty Inlet. They hug the shore about 30 to 50 feet out. The run can run all the way out until early April but slows down in mid to late Feb.

    I know there are some places off the shore line you can fish for salmon as well but no sure on the locations.

    Read the regs before you go out and make sure you aren't fishing from someones private beach. :_diarrhea_:
  3. NWLuhrs

    When the silvers are running you can catch them from the beach at deception pass state park.There is another park on the other side from deception that you can get lings from shore.
  4. pskelton

    How long will you be stationed on Whidbey?

    Bush and Lagoon points are hot spots for silvers and pinks. Aug and Sept are the only decent times to fish from shore for them (and pinks on the odd years). Keystone is good for them too plus the occasional king. As mentioned, you can get steelhead starting in Dec along the west coast and keep going at least through Jan.

    I was told by someone that sells kayaks on the island that some of the navy guys were fishing from sit-on-top kayaks with wetsuits. I have a Trident 13 myself. Sometimes getting that extra 50 feet from shore can take you from slow to hot fishing.
  5. goatram

    Welcome aboard and stay tuned for open seats.:finger: Don't be like ronin Jules C. the EA6 Ejection seat Mechanic and find a GF and drop off the map:2gunsfiring_v1:I fish on occasion out of Deception.
  6. wood2turn

    I fished the beaches and shores of Whidbey for yrs. before I got a boat...Here's a list of places you can try.

    1. Right now you can have decent Perch fishing from the rocks where the pass and West beach meet (the park ranger can point you in the right direction).
    2. Used to fish for Perch and some rock cod from the pier @ Langley. Also good perch from the boating dock next to the Clinton Ferry. Used Pile worms for all locations.
    3. I used to fish lings from the rocks inside the pass. You had to park in lot on the Whidbey side of the brodge, walk accross the street and follow the pathway to about 13 mi. until you got to a place where you could get down to the water...not a walk I can make now due to bad knees. (FISH THIS AREA AT MINUS TIDES ONLY...and watch the water so you don't get stranded!).
    4. Lings can also be had ocasionally from the rocks if you park @ Bowman Bay and walk out to the pointoff to the left. I knew a guy once that could throw a lure a country mile and he caught Lings standing on the dock @ Roario Beach (by Bowman's Bay). He'd throw out to the rocky peaks about 40yds. off dock (@ about 1o'clock).
    5. The other "fun" spot you now have to walk (or bike) to is the road end from Coronet bay. Some really super Skate fishing from there this time of yr. Fish the end of the incoming tide. Take lots of bait as you WILL lose a lot to crab. I usually use herring (green label).
    6. Then there's Ala Spit for Salmon and Searun cuts.
    7. I'm surprised nobody mentioned the great Salmon fishing from Ft. Casey and Ft. Ebey. Easy to get to and fish. Fish both locations on the outgoing tide. At Casey you need to fish under the gun emplacements. At Ebey follow the road to the right a you go in and you'll come to a parking area where you can see the water and well worn trail system to the water. I go off to the left under the cliff at the point.
    Greenling are also to be had here.

    Everyone else has already mentioned the other popular places.

    I have a boat now so I rarely fish from the beach anymore...unless the pinks are running. Then there's no need to use up the fuel to catch them.

    I work on Base at the fuel farm. I work weekends (EVERY weekend) if you need more info...bring in a map and I'll give you some tips if I'm not too tied up with the unimportant things...like work.

    Terry B.
  7. Glad Wrap

    Great info Terry, I might have to make the trip over to the island and try a few of those spots.
  8. wood2turn

    Well you won't have any competition from me on the weekends. Even though I get off of work at @ 2:30, I RARELY go out on the weekends just so I avoid everyone else. When I go...never have to wait in line to launch or recover. Parking places are close by. Never hurried at the dock so I can let the motor warm up good while I get my rods and tackle ready, cut bait, etc.
    Oh...and I'm usually all by myself too!

    Terry B.
  9. hooraAD

    Thank you all for the information. I will put that to good use in the comming months. I be stationed here till Dec 2012, but Ill be flying over to Afghan in september for a 6 month deployment. Trying to get as much fishing in as possible before I pound sand. Hope I get to meet / fish with you all. Thanks again! -Mike-