Which to buy next andros, saltiga 20 2 speed, or bx2 400

Discussion in 'Fishing Reels' started by hdz805, May 3, 2012.

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  1. hdz805

    It's going go be that time
    Again to buy some new reels..haven't bought any new ones this year
    So I've been patiently waiting..
    Those 3 reels are my option.. Need some
    Input if u have tried 2 or more of the above reels
    Pros and cons
  2. Cast Gold

    I have several assorted Saltiga star drags, 1 Andros and 1 BX2-400. I played with the Saltiga lever drag reels in a tackle shop and wasn't very impressed, and even my wife calls me a Saltiga snob. I just got my second Makaira and am very anxious to break it in.

    Of the 2 reels listed that I have fished:
    Andros will cast better and is a very light, comfortable reel to fish; the first fish I caught on mine was a 30# paddy YT on the way to Cedros last year. I deliberately fished it alternating with a Saltiga 20 star drag and I was casting live baits further with the Andros every time, but the drag cam on my Andros only produces drag within the last 5 clicks before strike. I don't like that.
    Accurate has the better drag; the first fish I caught on the BX2-400 was a 45# Cedros Yt (the day after I caught the other YT on the Andros)

    Both of these reels shifted gears with no problem mid fight, and I had no problems with either. I cannot comment on the Saltiga 2 because I have not fished it yet.

    Reels you didn't list but are comparable:
    Avet Raptor
  3. hdz805

    Thanks for the input
    I had the raptor and don't like the cast control ..
    Talica is okayishhhh..
  4. karlk1125

    The bx2-400 is a bigger fish reel. It has more drag and its frame is built for handling that higher drag range and bigger fish. However, the Andros is smaller, lighter, and casts better. If your planning on using the reel for fish to 80-100 lbs, I'd go with the Accurate. If your max sized fish with this reel will be around 60-70, I'd look into the Andros.
  5. Normslanding

    I have fished with both the Saltiga, and Andros. Both reels fish 40lb. well. The Andros is a great caster, and has a good cast control. Also the drag is very smooth. A lot of tuna in the 70 lb. range to it's credit, and still not one issue.
  6. screamingreel

    Hey Dave,

    Tiburon has a new reel. It looks interesting....

    The latest offering from Tiburon was unveiled at China Fish 2012, new single speed prototype Tiburon Dark Force reel.