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Discussion in 'Household Electronics Tech Talk' started by Papa "J", Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. Papa "J"

    I have been thinking of getting a tablet to use at my work conventions. This would be use to look up info on the net, prices and things like that.

    My phone is a little too small of a screen and I don't want to be lugging around one of my laptops.

    I have a hotspot in my phone so I don't need a tablet with internet, just a wifi and I can connect to my phone.

    I have a HTC Evo phone so I use andriod currently. What 's the difference in the Andriod tablets and the Ipad's?
  2. MikeyLikesIt

    our IPAD 2 is pretty f'n cool.....

    have not played with the others....
  3. 12yak

    I'm thinking of having my iPad surgically attached. BTW, you may want to wait a month or two. ;)
  4. Tues

    I have been on the ipad1, and now the ipad2. LOVE IT!

    I'm a sale manager dude, always on the fly. I also work for a public company, so we have to be compliant with certain security regs.

    I cannot speak to the droid version but tablets as a whole are the way to go. Adobe flash seemed to be a problem at first, but most websites are now apple friendly.

    The only use my laptop for powerpoint, excel and word. When you need to type multiple pages, you'll still need a laptop.

    I actually just picked up a projector for my ipad. Pretty cool...

    FYI - All accessories for Apple are pricey. I have more money in cables than the tablet itself.
  5. gpaul1961

    I have had them all. iPad is by far and away, head, shoulders and sack, my choice. The no flash issue can be gone around easily now. The simply are faster, easier and way way tougher than anything else out there for what I do.
  6. 12yak

    GoodReader on the iPad does a really nice job of managing and rendering PowerPoint, Excel, and specifically *.PDF files with all of the pinch and spread controls you'd expect on the iPad.

    If you're working with text and want to create a lot of multi-page documents, consider getting the small Apple bluetooth keyboard that syncs up to the ipad. (I use the one that came standard with my desktop iMac since I bought an additional wired keyboard with the numeric keypad.) I fly cross-country quite a bit and the bluetooth keyboard easily fits in a small computer bag with my laptop and iPad and it's comfortable and easy to sync and type on... even in the pre-school sized seats the airlines provide these days.
  7. scubastefan

    Droid tablets are crap. Make sure whatever u get has duel core processer
  8. Papa "J"

    I really don't need this for work. Just checking things on the next when I am at a convention. Sometimes I will be at a vendor booth and trying to make a deal, I'd like to look up pricing and things like that.

    I probably wont be using it much for more than that. in my business I have my laptop for my daily work. i cant run my work software on a tablet.
  9. gpaul1961

    I see you practice the Rabbinical marshal Arts. Excellent! Jew Jitsu, as I like to call it.
  10. Tues

    I'll go get a droid based tablet over weekend, and I'll let you.

    I give out iPads to customers to run the systems I sell. It's a web based application....I'll try the droid version for shits and giggles.

    As for trade shows...showing people stuff quickly, tables are sweet. The projector I bought was for trade shows. It fits in my pocket, and projects a 50" picture in the booth. There's that WOW factor when people walk by the booth. Sometimes that is all you need to get the conversation going.

    I'll let you know....
  11. gecsr1

    I Pad II... hands down

    I have a Samsung Galaxy 7" tab with the Froyo software. I bought it from VZ for basically just a $10/mo. data plan (I too have a mifi but with the tab not the phone) when I upgraded to the Galaxy Nexus ICS phone. I bought a 7" because it is ultra portable (fits in your pocket and handy for reading emails at the dr., car service, etc.) and it was basically around $200 (got a lot of freebies), the price of the Amazon tablet. There is a 7.7 Galaxy Tab coming out that has the Honeycomb software. I like engadget as far as reviews and they state the 7.7..."is the best 7" tab money can buy...."

    The Android Froyo is somewhat old and sometimes the websites can't figure out if my tablet is a phone or a tablet but it was hard for me to justify an expensive tablet. I'll probably reload in a couple of years and just use my phone as a tether and buy the tab outside of the phone provider.

    My Samsung phone is night and day better than the iphone it replaced, but then again it has a much faster processor and is 4g. I'm very impressed with Samsung and frankly I like the competition with Apple. I believe the Ipad 3 comes out in a few weeks so you probably are wise to wait less you be obsoleted.
  13. Mean-Machine

    I am very happy with my samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet. It links up easily with my droid bionic phone for tethering. Its another chevy vs ford vs dodge topic. It is operator preference. Neither one dominates the other. You have to go hands on for some time. And just go from there. I prefer android over apple anyday with the exception of an ipod.
  14. OCPoacher

    I could not agree more! IPAD2 is f'n cool.
  15. 12yak

  16. Tues

    I checked a couple other tablets this week, but for a couple extra dollars, I was back with the iPad. I was going to purchase for a customer, but when I told him, he wanted the iPad so it would sync up with his iPhone.