Which Scope?

Discussion in 'Gun Talk' started by DV8Pilot, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. DV8Pilot

    .257 WBY, pronghorn gun primarily.

    Looking at either a Nikon Monarch (4-16X42) or a Leupold VX3 (4.5-14X40).
  2. Outhouse

    I'm a Leupold freak.
  3. abdiver7777

    I just bought a VX3 - CDS for my 270.........

    Cabela's.... came with 2 custom dials, lens pen, and a neopreme cover....... $499.00
  4. Fjold

    A scope that I have that really impresses me for the bang for the buck is the Burris Fullfield II in 4.5x14. Great glass, repeatable clicks, I really like the Varminter Reticle.

    I have a lot of more expensive Leupies, Nightforce, etc. but this Burris for $300-$350 is just a great scope.
  5. marlyn

    Leupolds are just great scopes and you cant go wrong with them.
  6. doughnut

    Leupolds are a good part, but overpriced for what you get. Look at the Bushnell Elite 4200 next to a VX-3 ( actually look through them, preferrably at dusk) you will see what I mean. Heres a good resource. http://www.opticstalk.com/
  7. flytyer

    Very difficult to fault either Leupold or Burris. I hear their customer service is first-rate also, but never had to use it. Those two makes are about 90% of my "glass collection".

    One element to keep in mind concerning light transmission......the objective lens diameter as it relates to magnification level. This is sometimes referred to as "exit pupil diameter". The ideal EPD is 5mm, because that is the average size of the human eye's pupil in ambient lighting. Anything larger is wasted, anything smaller restricts potential light transmission. THIS is why most conventional 7X binoculars use 35mm objective lenses (7 x 35), 8X uses 40mm or 42mm, and 10X uses 50mm. Exit pupil size is arrived at by dividing the objective lens diameter by the magnification level.

    Does this mean that a 16X scope "needs" an 80mm objective lens? Not at all. But in subdued-light environments, dial back the magnification to allow the maximum possible transmissible light through for your eye(s).

    Ultimately, your shooting eye is the rifle's rear sight.
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  8. SandShark

    Lot of good data here. Don't overlook the WOTAC line. Matt Wonders is a hell of a guy and backs his play better than anyone I have dealt with. I have been kicking the shit out of a gen2 4-14 for three years on my SPS Tac .308 and it is a very underpriced piece of glass for the performance. I love his reticle design. Plus dude can really shoot. He rolls his custom .260 with the fixed 12x. I am adding one for LD shooting to switch out with my ACOG TA-33 on my AR.
  9. matt colesworth

    Leupold customer service is outstanding
  10. Sober

    I have used Luepold customer service and it is excellent. I think either scope will do but luepold is what I would go with
  11. YANK N CRANK #2

    I would buy the 4.5-14x40mm Leupold... Its an excellent optic..
  12. okie man

    i have the burris fullfield ll 3x9 on my 257. weatherby. the ballistiplex retical is good to 600 yards.
  13. Oldsrtfx

    Leupold, and don't look back. No pun intended.
  14. GiantSquid

    I have a .300 Weathery Mag Accumark with a VX3 on it - solid setup. The only other scope I own is a Mueller. Mueller is good for the money but the difference b/t that and the VX3 is night and day.
  15. nmbrinkman

    I just bought a Tikka T3 lite (.25-06) and had to choose between the two. I went with the monarch. I compared the two side by side at BPS in Rancho Cucamonga while looking from one end of the store to the other. I'm not an expert with scoped rifles (just iron sighted M16) but they were both comparable. What I liked from the Nikon was it was only $10 more to get the Ballistic Drop Reticle which would be great on a antelope rifle. You can also hand turn the elevation and windage knobs as well as zero them out by using a coin to remove the knobs and placing them back on at zero once you've adjusted them to your zero. Just MHO...
  16. Albacrazy

    Another Nikon fan here. Have the Monarch 4x16x50 on a .300 winmag and it is an awesome scope! Have had two other Buckmaster scopes for years without any issues. Also have had the Monarch Binos for 4 years and had a problem with one of the eyepieces this past season. Sent it in to Nikon and had it back within 2 weeks no charge no questions asked. Great product and great cutomer service.
  17. doughnut

    Leupold makes very strong Kool-aid
  18. YANK N CRANK #2

    Nikon Monarchs and Bushnell Elites are good scopes you will get no arguement from me...
  19. YANK N CRANK #2

    My pops, Crank Sr. took a Pronghorn at 427 yards with a .257 Weatherby with a Leupold on it... He will give you the same recommendation I did.
  20. doughnut

    I think the Leupold product is a good product, particularly the NEW VX-3's, (not VX III ) they do a tremendous job of marketing. They work. But, they are pricey for what you get. You can get more for less if you know where to look in rifle optics.