Which rod to pair with Trinidad 12a?

Discussion in 'Fishing Chit Chat' started by martian, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. martian

    I've got a Trinidad 12a spooled with 50lb PowerPro. I had originally bought it for a heavy duty bass rig, but decided not to. So instead I plan to purchase a rod suitable for yellowtail/white seabass. I know it's a small reel but I want to use it for a live bait rig that could handle these fish. Could you guys recommend me which rod would best suit for this application with a Trinidad 12a. Or do you think the reel is underpowered? Never caught these fish before, but I'm planning on it.
  2. qwrtp1

  3. Second Row

  4. christiantrevor

    Paired mine with Phenix PSW700H.
  5. dockrat88

    calstar 800l or xl
  6. genaro12390

  7. gillyd

    I've landed big seabass on this real, i fish it with my 700h all the way to my 869h, whatever rod you feel comfortable with the most.
  8. martian

    what about the Terez TZC80m? How does it compare to PSW869h?
  9. hdz805

    Phenix hybrid 7'10 15-40
  10. andyrox

    the 12a is a versatile little reel. I've heard it being used from 15 lb line to 40lb line. It really depends on what youre looking for. For a lighter set up, I would look at the phenix hybrid ISA. If you want to tackle some albacore/tuna, then look at the non ISA phenix ratings from 10-30. If you want to target bigger tuna/yellows, i would suggest 15-40. I personally wouldnt put that reel on a 20-50 since the reel is so small it would be really imbalanced. I would use a size tn a 14-16-20 for cranking power on those ratings. Your best bet is to use that reel as a 20-30lb set up. 15-40 is the sweet spot.

    the terez 80m is a 20-25# stick and would work well with your reel assuming you have 50lb spectra filled to the top.