Which half day boat?--Matt Walsh (LA) vs. San Pedro Special (22nd St)vs SoCal(Pierpt)

Discussion in 'Southern California Inshore & Islands Fish Reports' started by mik911, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. mik911

    Will be headed out next week for an afternoon half day, targeting Sandies/Barries with a couple kids.
    Which of the above boats is best? ie friendly staff, closest to fishing grounds, etc.
  2. Mischief

    The Native Sun out of LBSF Berth 55,.. :D
  3. seapuppy

    22nd street sucks... All their reports are full of shit... Honestly it was the worst trip I ever went on. Crew was stealing sunglasses out of peoples bag. Oh yah, no fish. Not griping though, just wish somebody would have told me:)
  4. Tunahead

    HA my dad 1st took me on the Matt Walsh in 1952 age 6 for a limit
    of Log cuda at the Horseshoe Kelp. But now...no idea. That boat
    always seems to be on the fish, all I can tell ya! LOL
  5. daweez

    I'd do 22nd St before pier point. La harbor is good. I thought berth 55 was closing?
  6. makohunterz

    It is but theres still a lil time left
  7. BurningHeart

    The Monte Carlo(22nd St) and the Matt Walsh are good boats, friendly crew and very helpful.
  8. dalurker

    i would focus more on the Boat Type. depending on the age of the kids, a nice boat is paramount. true it'd be nice to "Catch Fish", but being all the boats fish the same general area, i would select a "Kid Friendly Boat" first. The Native Sun (if running 1/2 day), and Monte Carlo are larger boats with excellent galleys for the kids to enjoy and lay down should they need to get some rest.

    Don't forget, kids do get seasick too!barf

    Something to ponder ~ JMHO...
  9. twofinbluna

    I fish 1/2 day a lot out of Long beach marina sportfishing ,and they have a friendly office staff, captain, and crew. The only thing is they need a minimum of 10 paid tickets to get out. You may call them at (562) 598-6649 for reservations. Also, they will have promotions- one child(15 and younger) fish for free with each paying adult on weekdays starting June 18 thru August something, don't remember the ending date. You can call and ask for more information.
  10. rookie angler

    My bro-in-law and I took our kids on the Socal last week and had a blast. Crew was very helpful. I didn't want to be a burdon so I tried helping all 4 kids myself and not rely too much on the crew but they insisted on helping. My 8 yr old niece caught her first barracuda and one of the deckhands was right there with her the whole time keeping the cuda from the dogs. I would highly recommend for kids.

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