Which East Cape Resort for me and the spousal unit?

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by writebrian, Jun 13, 2010.

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  1. writebrian

    Want to head to Cabo in July for some relaxation with a fishing backdrop. My wife and I are normally Carribean people but vacation time is short so we want to stay closer to home.

    Looking at all the Los Cabos fishing hotel/resorts and trying to pick one that I can fish and the wife will still enjoy hanging out. We mostly sit by pool or on beach and read books and eat. Relaxation as opposed to activity. Needs a nice pool, has to be ON the beach and all inclusive meal plans. Also pangas must depart right from hotel.

    1) Hotel Buena Vista
    2) Rancho Leonaro
    3) Palmas de Cortez,Playa del Sol, Punta Colorado family of resorts

    Which one and why? Any pics/stories from your trips? Trip will be last week of July. Cost is not a factor. I can easily afford any of them.

    Any and all help appreciated!
  2. el capo

    #3 there is nothing that will compare. It has all you are looking for along with the best pools for lounging about and drinking some brews.
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  3. nick17yz

    dooood. im takin my fam to palmas when the kids get a little older.....that place is awesome but a little pricey. bring extra cash..
  4. TunaMeat

    $$$$ not a factor. Palmas. Bar none.
  5. brantc

  6. diseasedscrotum

    My son and I just got back from Rancho Leonero a few days ago. We went with the "Lets Talk Hookup" organized trip. What a blast!! I've been to Punta Colorado and several times to Loreto in past, and Rancho Leonero was BY FAR superior. The fishing was excellent, the food was scrumptious and everyone at the resort was extremely friendly and helpful. You have your choice of super panga vs. cabin cruiser, and the ranch has rods/reels for your use(includes Penn, Accurate and other quality tackle.). You can surf fish RIGHT IN FRONT of the hotel, and can rent kayak's and catch Dodo's 100 yds. offshore if you'd like!! The one thing that impressed me the most was the laid back atmosphere that permeated the whole locale!! It was soooo relaxing and soooo soothing to be there. No worry about speaking poor spanish... everyone there speaks english! Needless to say, I'd highly recommend "The Ranch" and plan to go back next year as well.
  7. YANK N CRANK #2

    Rancho Leonero...
  8. ProTackle

    Rancho for sure!
  9. baja kid

    Im with Brant!! HBV !!At! Hotel Buena Vista they take care of there guests. And its not crowded. no one on the beach to bother you. If you would like a great panga let me know. i have a amigo that will pick you up right out front on the dock. hes ALWAYS early and the first one out,he wants to make sure he gets you the best bait possible. And Brant is correct they support Bloody decks.
  10. writebrian

    Looks like there is wide opinion on all. I support BD too but my wife could care less so let's remove that as a reason to choose. Anyone have particular experience, stories or pics to support their choice? Anyone take their wife with them? Would love to here that perspective.
  11. Slater

    Ive been researching this since last summer...haha
    If you want quiet, beaches, snorkeling and kayaking smaller resort, go to Rancho Leonero. If you want more facilities, more super cruiser type boats, able to go to the small town of Los Barilles, go to Palmas de Cortez .
    My research tells me Palmas is more showboaty & larger vs. Rancho is all about being oldschool & secluded in its own little paradise..

    Youre going to get tons of opinions!
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  12. writebrian

    I want tons of opinions... and thanks for yours!

    Is Palmas actually in LB or just closer? They dont have much info on their fishing on the site to be a fishing resort. '
  13. el capo

    Palmas is in the center of LB, great staff and a choice fishing operation. If the wife wants to be more secluded go to the others.
  14. Saluki

    Great info on this thread.
  15. DH10

    My wife and I have been to Punta Colorada Rancho Leonero many times. Punta Colorado is more remote and has better beach fishing, Rancho Leonero has their pool right next to the bar (I don't go to hang out at the pool I go to fish).

    Both have decent food but I would not say that either place has anything approaching gourmet fare. For some reason, none of these places specialize in cooking up the fantastic seafood that is obviously available, and serve gringo buffet style dishes (usually). The best food is the sashimi and ceviche you have them prepare with the fish you catch. If you go to Rancho Leonero, have the filet guys make up some "Mexican sashimi" and share it with everyone. It is the best!!!
  16. Ali Admin

    I like Hotel Buena Vista also.

    Kind of a cross between the Rancho and Palmas.

    Palmas is awesome, but pretty big and can get crowded.

    HBV is smaller and still very personal. After a couple days you won't have to tell the bartenders what you drink. They'll remember you.

    My $.02
  17. Tues

    I liked Buena Vista too.

    It was kind of like having a place to yourself.

    I would recommend fishing for Roosters than going offshore. We pulled on tuna and dodo's but you can do that in Diego.

    I would go back!

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  18. Captain Howdy

    Treat yourself and reserve one of the condos at Palmas de Cortez. They're two bedroom, two bath, with a full kitchen and every one has a 30 ft balcony on the Sea of Cortez. The condos are roomy and private.

    The resort is in Los Barilles and you can easily walk to restaurants or shopping, pretty much just across the road.

    Palmas has a great selection of boats. If price isn't an issue reserve the Senorita Bonita and you're set. You mentioned pangas - Palmas has a couple of very good super pangas.

    Palmas has its own dock, so you load on and off right at the resort. It also has an all inclusive meal plan available. (Although the Huevos Rancheros at El Viejo are hard to beat and a trip to the Smoke House is mandatory.) With their changes in food service, Palmas now has a good - order off the menu - restaurant.

    Palmas has a gorgeous infinity pool with a swim up bar. Call Shannon at the resort and she can get you fixed up. You can get her number from their website.
  19. jblythe

    Palmas de cortez if you bringing a woman hands down. has a spa/massage place, small town to shop in, doesnt feel unsafe to walk alone and the pools and spas are nice especially the infinity pool with walk up bar overlooking the ocean.
  20. writebrian

    How's the beach at Palmas? Any pics?