Where would U spend December - Los Barriles, Loreto or Todos Santos?

Discussion in 'Baja Mexico Fishing Reports and Discussion' started by dcsam, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. dcsam

    Having a tough time deciding between the three. We enjoy shore fishing, nice beaches, charter fishing, golf, few kids. Flying into Cabo is non-stop. Loreto would have us stopping in LAX:eyepoppin
    I keep reading about the killer winds in Los Barriles. Would T. Santos and Loreto have similar winds? We're from WA coast, so we're use to wind. Just don't want to be freezin' cold while vacationing.
    Thanks much for any and all suggestions.
  2. PoolMan

    December is prime fishing in Cabo. Why go to Loreto (a bit far north and possibly cold and windy), or Los Barriles (good season but possible wind), or Todos Santos (no boats but good weather) when you could stay in Cabo, fish there, rent a car, and tour the whole tip?
  3. seriola_killer

    Gotta agree with Chuck. Fish with Eric Brictson at gordo banks pangas. Good prices and december on the gordos, iman or san luis banks should get you some great results. Golf is close too.
  4. dcsam

    Cabo certainly is a possibility. We loved it 15 years ago, but hated it two years ago. We use to fish with Umberto (Beto Nunez) when he was a struggling skipper. We usually go for small- scale, beachfront, reasonably priced accommodations. The type where we can walk for groceries and cook in our low-key rental (not resort hotel type). And most importantly, getting up early to cast a line off the beach. Anything like that in Cabo?
  5. Surfdoc

    SJDC...........best bet in my book. Or save $'s and fish YT here :D.

    Oh yea no golf,discos,crowds etc etc etc........

    But ya can get a house on the beach, kitchen included. But still have to make your own night life.
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  6. PezGallo2

    Cabo or SJDC sounds like the place for you in Dec. A buddy of mine like's Presidente? Fishes the beach there & you can charter in Cabo or SJDC.
    East Cape is windy in Dec but there are some calm days & surf fishing is great.

    Red Hot Sportfishing
    Cabo San Lucas, MX
  7. dcsam

    Thanks guys for the information. I'll check on SJDC. As far as wind in Los Barriles - how bad does it get? We went for a walk this morning at the beach here in Westport, and at times the wind would cause us to lean (~35-50 mph gusts). Between the hail and blowing sand, our faces took a beating, but that's just about standard for this time of year. We were actually walking on the primary dunes, so we were away from the beach, but still quite windy. We'll be in Los Barriles in a little less than a month, so we'll learn more. But I don't want to wait too long as the flights tend to book early for that timeframe. Thanks again!
  8. ShadBurke

    The wind in Los Barriles gets bad. I pulled down a few years ago and planning on fishing everyday for two weeks and after having the first 3 days blowing 35+ and hating life, we picked up everything and went to Cabo and fished Gordo and Pacific for some amazing fish.

    Go to Cabo or SJDC.
  9. cabo jimmy

    Stay in san jose..Lots and lots of golf courses..plenty to do for the family .
    Fish out of puerto los cabos or palmilla or cabo.The east cape is abot 50 minutes away..Wind on the east cape is out of the north..And not every day or even all day...and this happens only during the winter months. Have fun.
  10. dcsam

    You convinced me - it's a no to Loreto and Los Barriles. I've spent quite a bit of time today checking out San Jose Del Cabo rentals. Don't want anything mega-resort type. Small, beachfront, fishing.... So if you all have suggestions, I'd much appreciate it.
    Thanks again!
    WA coast
  11. pescachaser

    The presidente hotel in los cabos, San Jose del Cabo. fishing is a 10 drive or cab ride to either Palmilla or La Playita (the Puerto Los Cabos Marina). All the food and drinks for a reasonable price. I have stayed there more than 30 times over 14 years. Call them direct for the best deal. Dominick
  12. todoslarry

    I live here full time, Todos Santos is perfect for your wish list. Beautiful beaches, great fishing for sure and thier killing it now, local pangas for great action and better cost than Cabo for sure.
    Awesome places to stay possibly right on the beachif thats what you want. Great local food and were only hour from either Cabo or La Paz by car now.
    I can help you with all of part of this trip, let me know.

    larry (971)322-1111 US line into my place here
  13. todoslarry

    I has 4 hour old Yellow Fin Tuna fish steaks for dinner last night, $90 pesos for a kilo enough for 3 meals for less than $7 US
    Todos Santos is the place for a complete vacation
  14. Bajaian

    The wind can be pretty severe in LB, but if you get out early and come in by about noon you can usually get some fishing in. Usually a few days of wind followed by a couple of days of relatively calm days. Fishing off the beach in the early morning however proved very productive for us this January. As long as you are not bent on a long boat fish every day LB is a nice laid back choice. I can recommend the Hotel Los Pescadores just back from north beach. Good luck with whatever you choose!
  15. dcsam

    We're not die-hard boat fishers. Our usual XMas, Mexico vacation consists of fishing via boat only twice. We enjoy being lazy, reading, boogie boarding, early morning shore fishing (not much to show for it, however),pool volleyball. Unlike Melaque (where we usually go), LB has a small golf course. THAT initself would keep the hubby VERY happy - even if it is just a po-dunk type of course. That's the best kind for us. Golf rates in Cabo look like they START at ~$175 pp. So perhaps LB might fit the bill after all. And the wind???? If we can still walk around in flip-flops and shorts, then that's sounding pretty darn good. I can see where you're all comin' from, however. You all seem like serious fisherman, and wind could put a real damper on your charter plans.