Where to Shoot ?

Discussion in 'Gun Talk' started by Larry Williams, May 16, 2011.

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  1. Larry Williams

    Any one know where to shoot on public land around San Diego??
  2. Afry

    Call Diane Jacobs and demand to know why Orosco Ridge in Ramona is not open - Call Duncan Hunter as well - Duncan is on our side but needs to know his voters are upset.

    Political BS is keeping it closed.

    "The Palomar Ranger District of the Cleveland National Forest is maintaining the closure of the Orosco Ridge Recreational Target Shooting Area for an indefinite amount of time due to public safety concerns. Discharging a firearm, air rifle, or gas gun in the Orosco Ridge Target Shooting area for any purpose is prohibited during this temporary closure. However, public access and general recreational uses are allowed."
  3. Gil Marlin

    Sluesters back yard...
  4. Aggro

    according to their website, except for what's posted anywhere on BLM.
  5. Larry Williams

    Maybe it is time to get political!!
  6. nellie

    This place would be about 45 minutes from La Mesa. Was out there 2 weeks ago and the brush is now ready to burn. Won't be going out again until fall. It is open BLM, not to hard to find. If you are familiar with Dulzura area you could probably find it.....Send a pm and # if you want the info.

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  7. Gil Marlin

    I'm ready and waiting... :D
  8. Vermonster

    Is that inside the "pink gate"? I thought they still had that locked and off limits to all vehicle traffic?
  9. gatorfan

    I think there's more than one way to get up there. ;)
  10. Vermonster


    Unfortunately, that's why they closed it though. After every weekend, BLM rangers would find new "firebreaks" that the weekend warriors had cut over ridges, hills, etc., even though there were clear signs telling the public to stay on "established" roads.
  11. nellie

    No "pink" gate......There is 2 gates. Not locked YET. As long as guys take their trash and empties with them the Feds will hopefully leave it open....The place isn't to far from A Gun Club....I think "?" it is the South Bay Gun Club if you know where that is. The open site is 2-3 miles past that Club. Hwy 94 east...turn right at Maroon Rd. Easy to miss that turn if you are hauling ass.
  12. Skip Jackson

    *sigh* you can kick yourself later
  13. Carl

  14. Gil Marlin

    There's still time to edit your post... :D
  15. nmbrinkman

    Just watch out for banditos... If you do look out for banditos, preferably through a 3x9-40. I somehow missed the gun club the first time I headed out. I was using google maps and it said go 8 miles on Marron Valley Rd. I ended up at the border. Luckily a CBP guy was there to inform me of my mistake and point me in the right direction. He told me to be real careful on my way back. Banditos have territory and I was in someone's. The ride back was a bit faster than the ride out to say the least.
  16. Ib1

    I know the request was for a free spot, but if you're out in that vicinity anyway, and want to save yourself the bandito issue, the South Bay R&G Club is a pretty cool range for $20. 300 yard rifle range, which I believe is the longest other than Pala locally, and a pistol range. Weekdays it's real mellow.
  17. Aggro

    South Bay is the only range you can shoot a fitty. I don't know if they will let me back in :D Something about muzzle blast :rofl:
  18. Gil Marlin

    I called, they said no problem. When are we going??? :D
  19. nellie

    Heck, this thing is going SOUTH faster than my "Road Kill" thread that got YANKED a couple of months ago.
  20. Skip Jackson

    Jack rabbit hunting is open year round. nuff said