where is the 240 ledge on penguin banks?

Discussion in 'Hawaii Fishing Reports' started by bricyn, May 1, 2012.

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  1. bricyn

    sorry all im a super rookie and just started trolling. been to the banks to troll...had no idea where ive been going or where i should be going. just getting out in the water and burning gas like a fool.
    where is this 240 ft ledge that everyone keeps talking about out at penguin banks?? looked online for some coordinates but i cant seem to find anything. can anyone help me out??
    do i just keep driving until my depth reader reads 240ft?? any info would be really appreciated, wether its in reguards to the ledge or not... just any info on trolling the banks would be great. mahalos!!
  2. randay

    its not an actual coordinate, it just means to troll in 40 fathoms of water along the banks. on the banks, your gps's chart should have contour lines at 20, 50, 100, 200, etc... find the 50 fathom contour line, and just go inside of it a little bit and troll along the line. just turn left or right as needed to keep yourself in about 40 fathoms of water. if you got a 40 fathom contour line on your chart even better, you just put your boat on the line and drive on the line. if you dont have contour lines then yeah, you just gotta drive out till you hit 40 fathoms, turn left or right and try and keep yourself around that depth while you troll.
  3. russell kato

    I'm no expert on fishing the banks but I can offer some insights that hopefully may help you to atleast understand the Banks a little more. First, go to this website and it will allow you to view what the banks looks like...you can zoom and scroll either up, down, left or right and it will even give you coordinates for where your cursor is on the map! http://mapserver.mytopo.com/homepag....mytopo.com/homepage/index.cfm&latlontype=DMS
    Do you have a GPS with a c-map or comparable that you can use while on the water to help navigate you to the Banks? This will certainly make things alot easier for you to find places and spots to fish. Anyway, the "BANKS" is often times referred to by a spot on the Banks for example, the "Honolulu side of the Banks" which is the side of the banks that faces Oahu or "the south tip of the Banks" which obviously is the southern part of the Banks. There is also the "Lanai side of the Banks" which is the side facing Lanai and is pretty far trek from Oahu (30+ miles). The other commonly heard spots on the Banks are the "fingers" which consist of three points that sort of jut out to form "fingers" and is located on the side closer to Molokai. The "240 ft. ledge" or 40 fathom ledge is just the contour line that runs completely around the Banks and is clearly marked on the map mentioned above. There is also a 100 fathom and 200 fathom contour line that runs around the Banks. These contour lines can also be found on most of the islands. In general, many will troll along the 40 fathom or 240' ledge and catch Ono and your mix bag of shibi, aku, kawakawa, mahimahi, ulua, rainbow runner, barracuda, etc. On rare occasions a marlin or Ahi can be caught on the 40 fathom but that is the exception more than the rule. Hope this helps...good luck and safe fishing!
  4. benitobandito

    Wow Capt. Russ,
    great explanation of basic offshore fishing for that area! It's obvious that you can't help yourself but teach people to fish!!
  5. bricyn

    man, capt russ and capt randay! thanks so much! super great info, its feels good getting some help and info like this. thanks again so much!
  6. opunui

    dont forget crazy corner.that is the corner fartest southwest. Lanai side of the banks
  7. volcanic

    There are no fish on the banks....don't waste your time!!!

    Just kidding! Have fun!

    Watch the weather reports....beatings when the gust start getting over 20 knots.