Where is it made?

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  1. m_mcgourty

    Please correct me if I'm wrong:

    Accurate: Made in the USA

    Avet: Made in the USA

    Newell: Made in the USA

    Penn: Higher end in USA / older and lower end models China?

    Progear: ???

    Tiburon: Made in the USA

    Diawa: Higher end in Japan / older and lower end models China?

    Simmano: Higher end in Japan / older and lower end models China?

    If I'm wrong please enlighten me. In this economy with my precious disposable income I'm trying to support my fellow American workers.:deadhorse
  2. middleofnowhere

    Okuma = Republic of China (Taiwan)

    Ardent Reels = USA

    Penn International and Torque are still made in USA
  3. DoubletroubleII

    Are there any reels or rods made in Poland........just askin.......
  4. tunanorth

    The "threshold" for "Made in USA" on Penn reels is at about $249.
    A total of 34 different models, not including a couple of bail options and numerous color options.
    Includes International lever drag, Torque lever drag, International baitcasters [star and lever], Torque star drag, GLD's, Torque spinning reels, 10/0 Senators and 113HN Baja Specials.
    It was economic reality that still-popular models like the 500 and 320 be made offshore, or simply stop making them.
  5. DoubletroubleII

    I'm glad Penn makes some reels here..........thinkin' the world is changin'.........maybe time to come back with all of the line......marketing changes everyday.

    Penn were my reels of choice in the 70's & 80's.
  6. tunanorth

    Penn has 53 new models in the 2012 catalogue that were not in the 2010 catalogue.
    Not everyone is aware of just how many new models there really are; and that threshold for "Made in USA" is still at around $249.
    Of the various "field-test" models I used this fall, slated for the 2013 catalogue, 5 of them will be "Made in USA", and 6 of them will not [again, reality].
    I know of at least one high-end $1300 reel [not Penn] that is being produced in China.
  7. J.AkuHed

    ProGear=Republic of Monterey Park
  8. smithers

    Tiburons are now made overseas. (Think the new 50 is being made in USA for now at least)

    The older tibs say "Made in USA" while the newer ones have the softer handle grip and improved helical gearing. As much as I like US-made, this is a better product.

    Charkbait this week has a weekly special that includes a price drop on Tiburons. They are being promoted as "Made in the USA" I think that is an error (unless they are unloading older stock)
  9. tungtide

    I just bought a Fin-noir sa 16. I forgot to ask where it was made. I assumed that Zebco was a USA, made reel. Being headquartered in Oaklahoma. I was wrong. China is stamped on the base. In the future it will be Accurate. I want my money going to my American brothers.
  10. NorthShore41

    Tib and Okuma I believe are Engineered here... Newell = not made anymore, but made in USA originally. I am afraid the new business plan for Newell may include cheaper manufacturing methods to increase profitability

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